Warriors Cricket Club concludes the cricket season with an off-site cricket award ceremony

On June 9, Warriors Cricket Club, headed by Mr. Shailesh Nakashe and Mr. Mahesh Kesarkar (Mahesh Kesarkar and Shailesh Nakashe .. both are joint President and founder of Warriors Cricket club), felicitated the top performers of their club in Mahabaleshwar. Started in 2014, this club has grown by leaps and bounds, and is focused to provide cricket coaching at nominal rate to the cricket enthusiasts. The practice sessions of the Warriors Cricket Club are held in Santacruz (Lions Club, Milan Subway Cricket Ground, Santacruz, Mumbai) and Thane.

The award ceremony was conducted in lieu of acknowledging the efforts of the players based on their performances throughout the year. “Our players get a chance to play at least 7-8 tournaments across the year”, stated Mr. Nakashe. The performances of the players are systematically recorded. Based on the performance, the different awards are bestowed upon the cricketers. 

Mr. Shailesh Nakashe – President of Warriors Cricket Club

“This year the award ceremony was held in Mahabaleshwar. We reached there on Saturday morning and checked out on Sunday afternoon. The intentions behind having the award ceremony away from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai were that we wanted the players to have some relaxation time, and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere at the hill station”, explained Mr. Shailesh.

This was the third award ceremony organized by Warriors Cricket Club, with the first two being in Panvel and Titwala respectively. “The performances of the players of Warriors Cricket Club were all outstanding and to pick up the best from the lot was indeed a daunting task”, averred Mr. Nakashe. After adequate scrutiny, the names were finalized.

Mr. Rohit Shirgaonkar was awarded the Best Batsman prize and he won a cricket bat and trophy for his splendid effort. The Best Bowler prize went to Mr. Jagdish Mastud and he was felicitated with a trophy and spikes shoes. Mr. Sameer Rane (warrior’s club current coach cum player) bagged the Best All-Rounder award. Sameer Rane also continues to play a pivotal role in the management of warriors club. He is also coach the Warriors Cricket Club Team. The Best Field award was presented to Mr. Rahul Gavit. Special awards namely Young Achiever award and Ultimate Warrior award were bestowed upon Mr. Vaishnav Sail and Mr. Aman Jain respectively.  All the stats and records of player performances is managed by Vivek Gowda the statistician cum player, who also played a big role in managing the award function.

Warriors Cricket Club -Rohit Shirgaonkar – Best Batsman
Warriors Cricket Club -Jagdish Mastud – Best Bowlers










Warriors Cricket Club – Sameer Rane – Best All rounder (Coach Cum Player)
Warriors Cricket Club – Rahul Gavit – Best Fielder











Warriors Cricket Club – Vaishnav Sail – Young Achiever
Warriors Cricket Club – Aman Jain – Ultimate Warrior










The ceremony also witnessed some inspirational talks from the experts who shared their experiences and motivated the players to perform better.

Warriors Cricket Club Team

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