Kishor Waghela: From coaching in mumbai maidans to International Coach for Myanmar Cricket Team

Kishor Waghela, a highly regarded coach in Mumbai cricket, has recently been appointed as the coach of the Myanmar Cricket Team, an international cricket team. He is not only the owner of Advance Sports and Event Cricket Academy but also serves as the coach for the successful corporate team, DTDC. Known for their consistent performance in Mumbai’s cricketing circuit, DTDC has been a testament to Waghela’s coaching abilities.

Waghela is a young yet experienced coach who has not only played cricket in Mumbai but also internationally. He has played professional cricket in countries such as UAE, Sri Lanka, Kenya, and Nepal. He also has the experience of playing county cricket in England for 15 years, additionally he had the privilege of being part of the coaching team for Middlesex in the United Kingdom, further enhancing his coaching expertise. “I not only work on technical skills but also try to improve their confidence while playing the sport. I ask the players to do various batting drills that help better shot selection capabilities” is the go to mantra of Kishor’s coaching.

One of Waghela’s notable achievements is his remarkable success with the DTDC team. They emerged as the Champions of the MCA CORPORATE TROPHY in the 2021-2022 season and secured the runners-up position in the same tournament during the 2022-2023 cycle. It is worth mentioning that Waghela is not only a coach but also a player for the DTDC team, consistently contributing to their success since 2015.

Overall, Kishor Waghela’s appointment as the coach of the Myanmar Cricket Team is a testament to his exceptional coaching skills and extensive experience in both domestic and international cricket

We wish him all the best for his tenure as an International Cricket Team Coach.

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