Defying the Odds: Ancient Scorpius Writes History with Last-Match Triumph

On the final day of the tournament, the tables turned dramatically, with the final seconds revealing the ultimate victor.

The League of Ancients, hosted at the Omtex ICWC ground in Saphale and sponsored by Omtex, Z-Bats, MetaShot, CAA, Cyomi, Waterful ,PhysioHub,  Avisa & Active Sports, concluded with resounding success. The suspense peaked on Sunday as the final two matches unfolded. While it seemed certain that Ancient Aquila lead by Edward Phillip would emerge victorious, as is often said in sports, never underestimate the underdog. On the end of the Saturdays play the championship was in control of the Aquila’s as the only challenge they would have faced was from the Lupus if they won against Draco but on Sunday morning out of nowhere the Draco’s defeated Lupus and now the championship was almost in the hand of Ancient Aquila’s, the only twist being Ancient Scorpius had to chase any total posted by the Aquila’s in 15.1 overs, And what conspired was a spectacle to watch. Abhishek Binge’s Ancient Scorpius defied the odds, achieving a fairy tale ending to a season they will never forget.

Before delving into the thrilling final match, it’s essential to acknowledge a few key moments. Firstly, the opening match of the day set the tone. Secondly, our gratitude extends to all the team owners who were as invested in the tournament’s success as the players themselves. 

wining team Ancient Scorpius
wining team Ancient Scorpius

The first match, featuring Ancient Draco and Ancient Lupus was posied to be very intersting as if Lupus lead by Chetan Ghadi would have won the match , it would put Aqulia’s first position in danger but it  proved to be rather one-sided. Batting first, Ancient Draco posted an impressive 190 runs in their allotted 20 overs. Captain Martin Rebello showcased exceptional batting prowess, scoring 79 runs off 52 deliveries, including 10 boundaries and 2 sixes. Sumeet Londhe provided crucial support, contributing 60 runs from 38 balls. Vivek Narkar and Rakesh Naik of Ancient Lupus each claimed 2 wickets. Chasing a daunting total, Ancient Lupus struggled from the outset, ultimately posting 123 runs before being bowled out in 17.3 overs. Praveen Vaity starred for Ancient Draco, securing 3 wickets for a mere 8 runs.

The anticipation was palpable as the legendary South African spinner, Paul Adams, graced the field for the toss, setting the stage for what would become a match for the ages. Ancient Aquila, favoured by many, took to the crease first, their batsmen exuding confidence as they began their innings. With a strong start, it appeared as though they would set an imposing total, causing concern among the Scorpius camp. At one-point, Ancient Aquila stood at a formidable 90 runs for the loss of 3 wickets in just 11 overs. However, the tide turned swiftly as the Scorpius unit rallied with determination and resolve. Through a combination of disciplined bowling and exceptional fielding, they managed to stifle the Aquila’s momentum, restricting them to a modest total of 150 runs for the loss of 9 wickets in their allotted 20 overs.

all the captians of the league of Ancients
All the captians of the league of Ancients with legend Paul Adams

As the Scorpius team took to the field to begin their chase, if they were to be crowned champions they had to win the match in 15.1 overs, and with that sense of urgency and purpose pervaded their every move. With the championship title within reach, they approached their task with unwavering determination and a singular focus on victory. The scoreboard ticked over steadily as the Scorpius batsmen displayed aggression and finesse in equal measure. Ranjan emerged as the linchpin of their innings, unleashing a barrage of boundaries and sixes to propel his team towards the target. He scored 47 of 25 balls, at 14.4 the Scorpius thought they have the victory to themselves but they had to wait as Ranjan hit it for four and not six, now they wanted just 1 run to win in 3 balls, but they lost two in two and it came down to the last ball and in a heart-stopping climax, with just one run needed off the final ball of the 15.1st over, the tension reached fever pitch. Raj Bangera, the man of the moment, held his nerve admirably, dispatching the ball to the boundary amidst scenes of jubilation and ecstasy from the Scorpius camp. As the realization dawned that they had achieved the seemingly impossible, the entire team erupted in celebration, their triumph a testament to their unwavering belief and unyielding spirit.

As the final ball sailed over the boundary ropes, sealing Scorpius’s victory, Captain Abhishek Binge epitomized the elation and triumph coursing through his team. With the championship trophy held aloft in the inaugural season of The league of Ancients, Scorpius’s fairy tale triumph became etched in the annals of cricketing history—a testament to their resilience, courage, and unwavering belief in the face of adversity.

Winning captain Abhishek Binge
Winning captain Abhishek Binge

In addition to celebrating the tournament’s champions, numerous awards were bestowed upon outstanding players, thanks to our sponsors’ generous support:

  • Omtex Best Keeper of the League: Rahul Shukla
  • Omtex Best Keeper of the League - Rahul Shukla
    Omtex Best Keeper of the League – Rahul Shukla
  • Avisa Best Bowler of the League: Pravin Vaity
  • Avisa - Best Bowler of the league Pravin Vaity
    Avisa – Best Bowler of the league Pravin Vaity
  • Cyomi Best Sledger of the League: Krunal Godhania
  • Cyomi - Best Sledger of the league - Krunal Godhania
    Cyomi – Best Sledger of the league – Krunal Godhania
  • MetaShot Man of the Series: Martin Rebello
  • MetaShot: Man of the series - Martin Rebello
    MetaShot: Man of the series – Martin Rebello
  • Avisa Best Batsman of the League: Sumeeth Londhe
  • Avisa - Best Batsmen of the league - Sumeeth Londhe
    Avisa – Best Batsmen of the league – Sumeeth Londhe
  • Omtex Best Fielder of the League: Sagar Kuwar
  • Omtex - Best fielder of the league - Sagar Kuwar
    Omtex – Best fielder of the league – Sagar Kuwar

The Ancients extend heartfelt appreciation to the team owners—Pravin Rodrigues (Aquila), Harsh Ashar (Lupus), Nikesh Shah (Draco), and Kunal Patel (Scorpius)—whose dedication contributed significantly to the tournament’s success.

Moreover, the tournament’s fantasy league added an extra layer of excitement, with Ashutosh Parab and Krunal Godhania emerging as winners for their astute predictions.

Finally, our deepest gratitude goes to the spectators whose unwavering support made this cricketing spectacle truly memorable. The League of Ancients extends its thanks to all who played a part, directly or indirectly, in making this event a resounding success.

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