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Mumbai Ranji Trophy Strength S&C Vishal Chitrakar Sits Down With Cricketgraph For Candid Chat

The new edition of Candid Chat has something really interesting for you guys! Vishal Chitrakar is the Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Mumbai Ranji Trophy Team. The 2022 Ranji Campaign was successful, ending as the runner up. Being an ex-cricketer himself, Vishal knows the requirements of the game and trains his players accordingly. In

Renowned Physio Dr. Aijaaz Ashai comes onboard Cricketgraph to provide exciting fitness related content

Hailed to be one of the most prolific physiotherapists in India, Dr. Aijaaz Ashai who is also currently heading Adams Wylie Physio Rehab Center in Mumbai has come onboard cricketgraph, to contribute fitness content on physiotherapy for our cricket community. Dr.Aijaaz Ashai has served as the official physiotherapist to the Nepal Cricket