40 Days Summer Camp to begin soon at SKCA-SGCA Cricket Academy in Shegaon

Summer Camps in Cricket are an integral part of a cricketer’s growing up years, it is during these camps, a cricketer goes through many rigorous things and learns many new lessons which help them to become better Cricketers. Summer Camps ideally involve a lot of cricketing activities right from practice matches to fitness drills to improvement in technique and mindset which helps a cricketer to prepare for the upcoming seasons.

One such exciting summer camp which is to begin from 20th April to 30th May over a period of 40 days is at the SGCA-SKCA Cricket Academy in Shegaon. It’s a 40 day intensive summer camp in Shegaon under World Class facilities under the supervision of Prolific Cricket Coach Sulakshan Kulkarni (Former Mumbai Ranji Player & Former Mumbai Ranji Coach).

The summer camp will involve scientific and professional training from qualified and experienced coaches while special emphasis will be put on fitness and cricket drills. The Summer Camp at SGCA-SKCA Academy begins from 20th April, 2022 to 30th May 2022. The timings for the camp will be morning 6:30 to 8:30 am and evening 4:30 to 6:30 pm. The fees for 40 day entire summer camp is Rs 3500/- including Academy Jersey/Uniform while those who want to attend double sessions in a day for the entire camp, the fees is Rs 5000/-

SGCA- SKCA Summer Camp 2022 2
SGCA- SKCA Summer Camp 2022

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