Meet Vivek Salunkhe: An Upcoming Sidearm Star

Salunkhe, a 26 year old cricketer turned sidearmer has started making a buzz around the localities of Mumbai for his expertise. But, before becoming a sidearm specialist, Salunkhe was invested into making his own career as a player. 

Vivek is an excellent wicket keeper batsman. The Mumbaikar played for New Amrit CC competing in the tough maidans of Bombay. The cut-throat dogfights amplified his personality. Soon enough, Salunkhe found new love in the sidearm profession. To him, a sidearm specialist was an unique and intriguing job.

Couple of years ago when he was competing as a wicket keeper batsman, Vivek found new love in the sidearm profession. Playing for the New Amrit CC and Prabhu Jolly CC then, Salunkhe began his freelance career as a sidearmer. Alongside this, he also found a mentor-like figure in Coach Vinayak Samant. Samant sir played Ranji Trophy for Mumbai, Tripura and Assam as a wicket-keepr batsman and now, is a highly reputable coach. Samant highly rates Salunkhe and lauds his work ethic. 

I  have known Vivek for the last few years. He is a very hardworking boy and very accurate sidearmer. He bowls 140+ consistently with both swings as well as he bowls off and leg cutters in proper areas He has got a  very bright future as a side arm specialist.

Coach Vinayak Samant shares his thoughts on Vivek

The siderarmer has fed and practiced with high-profile Ranji Trophy and club cricketers in Mumbai like Eknath Kerkar who is currently competing in the Duleep Trophy. Here are a few testimonials from esteemed players. 

I had 2 great sessions with him and it was really great as he bowls somewhere around 130-140 kph! Whatever the length and line you wish, he will bowl accordingly. Message to all cricketers: Play against him! He is really good!

Eknath Kerkar
Duleep Trophy, Mumbai & Goa Ranji Trophy

Since 2020 now, Vivek has been working as an assistant coach under Samant for the past 2 years. Alongside a professional sidearmer, the 26 year old also aspires to become a fielding coach. Salunkhe has set ambitious goals of getting picked as a sidearmer in an IPL or any franchise league team.

Vivek with Oman Cricketer Gopendra Bohora


The side arm sessions with Vivek were really accurate & he was feeding the ball exactly where I wanted it to be . The session was challenging & intense. I really enjoyed the side arm sessions with Vivek.

Akash Parker
Mumbai Ranji Trophy

Vivek is very accurate. Had good fun during our session. It was very challenging because of his good speed and control . Always looking forward to another session with him. 

Chinmay Sutar
India U-23, Mumbai

Salunkhe is currently working tirelessly to build a career as a sidearm specialist and a fielding coach. In the mean time, Vivek represents Bombay Gymkhana and plays corporate leagues from TechMahindra.

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