Tyger All in One Cricket Nets Set Up with Bowling Machine

75,000.00 49,000.00


Tyger All in one Cricket Nets Set Up with bowling machine is a complete solution for setting up an indoor cricket nets / outdoor cricket nets facility. It consists of the following, 

  1. Bowling Machine which can bowl with synthetic balls, dimple balls and leather balls. It can bowl upto speeds of 130 Kms Plus
  2. Synthetic Cricket Pitch
  3. Nylon Net ( Dimensions   )
  4. Pug Net
  5. Side Arm
  6. 6 Pcs Synthetic Cricket Balls
  7. 6 Pcs Dimple Cricket Balls
  8. 6 Pcs Leather Cricket Balls
  9. 4 Pcs Batting Drill Cones
  10. 12 Pcs Drill Cones
  11. 2 Sets Spring Stumps 

The MRP of the entire indoor nets cricket set up is Rs. 75,000/- . Discounted costs is valid for the first 50 orders

Costs includes Courier costs pan India and GST.

6 Months Warranty included on bowling machine & synthetic surface. 

Installation can also be carried by the brand however that would cost additional.