Coach Sammi Goraha: 2 Decades of Coaching Experience at Mahesh Cricket Academy in Delhi

Delhi, one of the most competitive cities of India when it comes to Cricket is known to produce many successful international cricketers. However, what goes behind the making of such successful cricketers is a cricketing and coaching infrastructure which plays a pivotal role in progressing. One such academy which is working hard on quality coaching is Mahesh Cricket Academy in Delhi under their Head Coach Sammi Goraha.

Sharing with Cricketgraph, Coach Sammi shared “We at Mahesh Cricket Academy in Delhi try to focus on each player with personal attention. Our training sessions are hardcore and we ensure each player gets the right amount of facilities and opportunities, my aim is certainly to ensure that our kids go on to play higher levels and make our city as well as our academy proud”

Coach Sammi Goraha who is currently 45 years of age has enough of experience and wisdom which he tries to pass it on to the younger generation. Coach Sammi has been coaching since 2000 with now more than 2 decades of coaching experience. Before he forayed into coaching, Coach Sammi was himself a professional cricketer who played DDCA League matches as an all-rounder. After lack of opportunities even after playing years of competitive cricket, Sammi decided to pass on his experience and help young cricketers achieve their dreams.

Mahesh Cricket Academy in Delhi

Mahesh Cricket Academy which is situated at Sector 9, Ravi Nagar in Drona Public School currently boasts of 50+ students under Head Coach Sammi and 3 more Assistant Coaches. The academy boasts of all the facilities required for quality coaching right from 4 nets, practice lights for evening sessions, astro turf, cement wicket, turf wicket as well as a proper cricket ground to play practice matches. Mahesh Cricket Academy is open for both boys and girls with an age group between 8 to 19 years of age. Over the years many players have gone on to play higher levels from this academy with one of their students currently playing Ranji Trophy from Haryana Team.

Here’s wishing Coach Sammi and his Mahesh Cricket Academy in Delhi all the luck for a great season ahead.

More Pictures from the Academy:

Mahesh Cricket Academy in Delhi Mahesh Cricket Academy in Delhi Mahesh Cricket Academy in Delhi

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