Coach Shah Rukh: Head Coach & Founder of Unique Cricket Academy in Udaipur

Udaipur is one beautiful part of India which is known for its royalty, hospitality and geographic importance but when we talk about sports, it’s only recently this place is progressing with government now putting emphasis on development of sports. When we talk about cricket, obviously the atmosphere there is not as competitive as you would come across in Mumbai, Delhi, Kerala or Hyderabad as Udaipur is yet to scale on its cricketing infrastructure and academies to provide that necessary coaching facilities.

However, one academy which is a welcome addition to Udaipur and working hard on providing the best cricket coaching infrastructure is Coach Shah Rukh’s Unique Cricket Academy at Maharana Khelgaon, Udaipur. Shah Rukh has been coaching since last 7 years and is himself a professional cricketer. Infact, Shah Rukh even toured Dubai last year gaining rich experience of playing vs UAE Team. Apart from that, Shah Rukh has played Nationals and University Level Cricket. As a cricket coach, 26yr old Shah Rukh is NIS Level 1 & MS Dhoni Cricket Academy Level 1 certified cricket coach.

Unique Cricket Academy in Udaipur which currently has close to 30 students in a batch boasts of all the necessary facilities to ensure the best quality training for its students. The academy also has 6 nets, 4 turf wicket and 2 cement wickets to ensure players get practice matches and quality practice sessions. The academy is open for both boys and girls and over the years a few players have also played state level cricket from Unique Cricket Academy. Last to last year, 2 players of Unique Cricket Academy played State Level Cricket from Udaipur & Coach Shah Rukh shared with Cricketgraph.


“Our aim is to provide the best coaching infrastructure in Udaipur, we have all the necessary facilities required to train our kids and raise the quality of cricket in Udaipur. We certainly aim that our students go on to play higher levels of cricket as well as play for India. Our constant hard work will certainly reap the results one day”

Here’s wishing the Head Coach & Founder Shah Rukh and his Unique Cricket Academy in Udaipur all the luck for future.

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