Best zinc sunscreen for cricketers

We often see cricketers wearing white-coloured cream on their faces. Have you wondered what it is? That white-coloured cream is nothing but a zinc sunscreen. Why do cricketers apply zinc sunscreen? As we know, cricket is a sport that is usually played in the scorching sun. To protect themselves from the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays emitted by the burning sun, cricketers apply zinc sunscreen. This zinc sunscreen offers protection against dangerous UV rays and minimises the chances of acquiring skin-related problems, including rashes, burning, irritation, wrinkles, ageing, and even skin cancer. So, how does zinc sunscreen work? 

Properties of a zinc sunscreen

A zinc sunscreen, also referred to as a physical sunscreen, can stay on top of the skin for longer durations. While playing cricket, cricketers tend to sweat profusely. Therefore, the players prefer zinc sunscreen, which is not easily absorbed into the body. Zinc sunscreen is sweat-resistant, water resistant and oil-free, which makes it strong enough to stay on top of the skin. Apart from these qualities, zinc sunscreen is a natural product and not chemical-based. It contains the mineral zinc. Since it is a natural product, the chances of getting any side effects are minuscule.


Choosing the best zinc sunscreen for cricketers

While there is a wide range of zinc sunscreens available in the market, it is paramount for a cricketer to choose the best one. So, how can the cricketers select the best zinc sunscreen? Here are some of the criteria that they must consider before making the purchase:

First, the key is the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of the zinc sunscreen. You will come across zinc sunscreens with SPF 30 and SPF 50, to name a few. What do these different SPF numbers indicate? A zinc sunscreen with SPF 30 offers protection against 97 percent of the UV rays emitted by the scorching sun. In other words, a zinc sunscreen with SPF 30 allows only three percent of the UV rays emitted by the sun to hit the skin of the zinc sunscreen applicant. On the other hand, a zinc sunscreen with SPF 50 protects 98 percent of the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun and lets only two percent of the rays hit the skin. 

Second, the composition of zinc sunscreen is crucial. As the name suggests, zinc sunscreen is made up of the mineral zinc. The white-coloured zinc particles can protect the wearer of the sunscreen against the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun. Apart from zinc, some zinc sunscreens contain aloe vera, adding to the sunscreen’s naturalness. Natural zinc sunscreens are suitable for any skin type and seldom cause side effects. 

Third, a zinc sunscreen that can be easily washed off with warm water and face wash is considered good. If the cricketers cannot get rid of their zinc sunscreen after the game with warm water and face wash, then there is some issue with the zinc sunscreen used.

Best zinc sunscreen for cricketers

A zinc sunscreen that fulfils the said criteria is arguably the best in the business. Therefore, before buying your next zinc sunscreen, tick all the boxes. In a nutshell, the best zinc sunscreen is natural, sweat-resistant, water-resistant, oil-free, and has a good SPF rating.   

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