Zsportstech: Top Quality Bat Repair And Accessories At Reasonable Rates With ZBat

For every cricketer, a bat is quite an important thing. To take care of it is the owner’s responsibility. If you use it properly and respectfully, the bat will last long and provide performance but if it’s the opposite case, good results might be tough to come by.

For this very reason Zsportstech’s bat repair facility are top notch. Zsportstech offers services like no other. Using a different approach, the bat repairers are more than capable tending to your wounded bat. The company tunes the bat in such a way that it doesn’t stray a lot off from its original form giving the batsman its authentic feeling.  For booking, rates and extra details check out the link provided at the end of the article. 

Here are the list of services provided by Zsportstech with regards to bat repair: 

  1. Minor Crack Repairs: Tiny cracks or splits which are easily repairable and non-lethal. These types of cuts are easily repairable. 
  2. Major Crack Repairs: Major cracks are the cracks which are more than 2 inches and they are also deep, which are normally critical for the bat . There are many reasons for such cracks or spits like quality of the ball, Shoulder cracks, Edge cracks and toe cracks. Depending on the depth and danger of the crack, the bat will be repaired using a special glue to avoid cracks. In severe cases wooden nails will also come into play.  

  3. Handle Replacement: Handle of the bat are also changed. Zsportstech replaces the old bat handle with a new one using a machine ensuring a perfect fitting. The new handle will be almost an identical spec to the previous one. 
  4. Weight Reduction: The batsman needs to be comfortable with the weight of the bat to play all the shots. Zsportstech promises to reduce the weight according to your liking without tampering with its balance. 

  5. Refurbishment: A makeover for your bat; All the stickers, adhesive, anti scuff sheet, threading is removed and the bat is cleaned from all sides with repairs to all the cracks. The bat is oiled using the special wax and is later polished. This is the complete package. 
  6. Personalized Marking : Want your name on the bat? Well, it is possible at Zsportstech! A marking can be imprinted on the edge of the bat according to your liking. 
  7. Varnishing: Zsportstech is the only company to have its own bat wax. Bat wax includes a mixture of linseed oil and wax which gets soaked by cricket bat making sure that the moisture level is maintained.
  8.  Knocking: Old style manual knocking giving better seasoning to the bat. 

Other Bat Accessories: 

  1. Anti Scruff Sheet: The Anti Scuff Sheet is not too thick to increase the weight of the bat. Anti scuff sheet is recommended only on older bats with many face cracks. We clean the full face and edge of the bat with Sanding Machine. Then slowly apply the anti scuff sheet on our bat making sure that there is no air bubble.
  2. Grips: The design of the grip is cylindrical which is most preferred by elite cricketers and local players  with an approximate weight of 45gm. 
  3. Edge Tape: Each Bat is recommended to have an Edge tape which protects the Edge of the bat mainly against new balls.
  4. BatStickers:  Customers can select different color stickers depending on the options available at Z-BAT.  Our stickers are made according to the ICC regulation. Our Sticker are premium Quality and once they are pasted on bat your Bat will get a New Look making you feel like a NEW BAT.
  5. Toe Guard: Not advised but if a customer needs a toe guard, Zsportstech will apply a special glue and stick the toe guard under the bat. 

  6. Z-Bat Standing Pad: Z-bat is the only one who has a sanding PAD in the form of sponge which will help each and every cricketer to keep the bat clean and to maintain a long healthy life of the bat. The sander is specially selected with fine grit to make sure the smoothness of the bat is maintained or made better without hampering the weight of the bat. Sander has to be used on the wooden part of the bat to clean the bat and make it smoother and shinier.

  7. Z-Bat Wax : The proportionate of the linseed oil is as per the need of the cricket bat .With bat wax we assure that your bat will never be over oiled and also the moisture level content will be maintained .

Zsportstech is a top bat repairing facility which offers nothing but the best. Apart from bats, they also provide other goods such as gloves, pads, kitbags etc. Zsportstech also have an amazing indoor facility where the likes of Poonam Raut practice. 

For more details: 

Website: https://www.zsportstech.com/

Instagram: @zsportstech 

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/Zsportstech

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