Zsportstech: Game changing Technology available for every cricketer!

Purchasing cricket bats in today’s world is a bit tedious and time consuming. Adding the stress of repairing them with little to no change is an impossible task. What can be done to avoid this hassle?

 Thankfully, Zsportstech have an answer. 

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Zsportstech is  an innovative SportsTech Brand that have developed a scientific way to select Cricket Bat for/by the Batter using a combination of ICC-approved sensor and their own proprietary algorithm. In addition to this service, they also sell and repair Cricket Bats and Accessories. 

The bats produced here are made using data. This data is dependent on how the batsman wields the bat, the vertical shots, the horizontal shots, pick up, technique, strength and many other factors. After careful analysis, zsportstech makes a bat from scratch suiting the batsman. This type of service is one of a kind. Bats made here make sure the equipment favors the batter to perform at the highest level possible.

The concept is one of the most unique technological plans as compared to every other bat maker in the world , the plan is to spread this idea across India in a quick manner. The tie up with Smaaash which currently has 24 centers in different corners of India helps others understand the peculiarities as well.

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It’s observed that a bat is repaired at least 2 times a year. Apart from selling products,  zsportstech repairs bats as well!  

Zsportstech is one of the fastest growing bat manufacturers in India with a unique concept. Apart from bats, they also sell other cricketing equipments such as gloves, pads and kitbags.  

To know in depth, check out the links below: 

Main Website: https://www.zsportstech.com/ 

Instagram: @zsportstech

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/Zsportstech

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