T20 Mumbai cricketers and their plans to spend their earnings

Donating to the soldiers ? Spending on fitness ? Here is how the Mumbai Premier League players plan to spend their auction money.

The recently concluded Mumbai Premier League (MPL) was a grand success . MPL is a huge opportunity for the young local players to make a name for themselves. Players are auctioned and the base price starts from Rs.50,000 . Here , is how some of the young MPL players plan to use their auction money.

1. Alpesh Ranjani – Eagle Thane Strikers

Alpesh Ramjani


Alpesh Ranjani was sold for a huge 3,20,000 rupees to Eagle Thane Strikers. Alpesh plays for the Cricket Club of India in Mumbai. Alpesh has planned to give his money to his parents but another very special thing he has planned is to donate a certain amount to the army. Alpesh has decided to donate a part of the amount to the Army Welfare Association which will help the families of the martyred soldiers.

2. Sachin Yadav – Shivaji Park Lions.

Sachin Yadav

Sachin Yadav was sold for 1,30,000 rupees to the Shivaji Park Lions. Sachin plans to use this money into his cricketing future. He also plans to invest some money in the bank.

3. Vaibhav Singh – Triumph Knights Mumbai North East.

Vaibhav Singh

Vaibhav Singh was sold to Triumph Knights Mumbai North East for Rs. 80,000. The all rounder is determined to use the money for his self betterment. He plans to increase his fitness and training to get ready for the new season.

4. Nikhil Date – Namo Bandra Blasters.

Nikhil Date

Nikhil Date was bought by NaMo Bandra Blasters for Rs. 1,20,000. Nikhil plans to give all the money to his parents and save it for his future.

5. Atharva Poojary – Andheri Arcs.

Atharva Poojari

Atharva Poojary was sold to the Andheri Arcs for 75,000 Rupees. Atharva plans to use this money for his future in cricket. To buy better equipments and improve his fitness.

6. Siddharth Adhatrao – Triumph Knight Mumbai North East.

Siddhant Adhatrao

Siddharth Adhatrao was bought by Triumph Knight Mumbai North East for Rs.50,000. Siddharth’s aim is to try and reach the Ranji Trophy squad next season and he has planned to use this money to improve his chances. He plans to book indoor pitches during off season and work on his skills and weakness to improves himself before the start of next season.

7. Azhar Ansari – Arcs Andheri.

Azhar Ansari was purchased by Andheri Arcs for Rs.70,000 during the auction. Azhar plans to use the money for his cricketing future. He plans to use the money to upgrade his equipments and to increase his fitness and training.

8. Atul Singh – NaMo Bandra Blasters.

Atul Singh

Atul Singh was signed by Namo Bandra Blasters for Rs.1,00,000 . Atul plans to give this money to his parents. Especially, his dad who have done a lot of sacrifices for him and his cricketing career.

9. Ankur Singh – ARCS Andheri.

Ankur Singh

Ankur Singh was sold for a huge 1,90,000 rupees to the ARCS Andheri in the auction. Ankur is determined to use this money for his cricketing future. The left arm pacer plans to improve his fitness and buy himself new cricketing equipments.

10. Vikrant Auti – North Mumbai Panthers.

Vikrant Auti

Vikrant Auti was sold for a stunning Rs.3,00,000 to the North Mumbai Panthers. It proved to be a great buy as the Panthers won the Mumbai Premier League. Vikrant plans to use this money to pay of the loan he took for his new house.

11. Prashant Bhoir – Eagle Thane Strikers

Prashant Bhoir

Prashant Bhoir was sold for Rs.50,000 to the Eagle Thane Strikers. Prashant comes from a very humble background and plans to give this money to his family. He wants to add this money to the fixed deposits for his mother.


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