SD Mind Body Cricket Talk – The Back Lift & Push Back


One of the final decisive factor for batsman in stroke making is his back lift & push back.

Back lift position could be between wicket keeper to 2nd sleep, it could be medium, high or low as suitable to individual batsman and push back is what gets a batsman’s shoulder & elbow in line with approaching ball and also further enhances back lift. With appropriate back lift if push is done properly, means suitable for strokes in off side, straight or leg side, or even for cut, pull, sweep then the stroke making becomes very fluent & effective in terms of power /timing, placement & consistency. Most batsmen with excellent hand eye co ordination have very consistent pattern in their back lift & push back. Very few batsmen are aware of it & purposely practice back lift & push back for mastery in each stroke.

The mind & body connection here, the more consistent / rhythmic  the batsman’s mind’s thought process towards  facing the ball/ or stroke making, then the smoother & crisp will be the back lift & push back while playing strokes.

If we look at most great batsman with their run scoring consistency & timing on ball always have very rhythmic push back & are very consistent with their back lift pattern.

A batsman who wants to achieve great height in batting is supposed to have an un-mess able back lift & push back for most strokes he plays so that the bat swing for  strokes is very smooth and stroke timing is crisp.

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