Pravin Gogri, The cricket journey continues @ 65 years


One often hears and acknowledges that we are a cricket crazy nation. Its a game that has united this country and countrymen irrespective of their background thus proving to the world that cricket is not just a game in India, its a religion. Its been years many of us have learnt, followed and played the game and then have tried to contribute back to the game. Its the passion and love for the game that has kept the game going generations after generations. Many good cricketers of yeyesteryear have their story which they share with their next generation and often refer to their photo albums, trophies, medals as remembrance of their good old days.
Mr. Pravin Gogri at the young age of 65 has brought new dimension to the game . At this age he is still actively playing and thus proving that age is no bar, its the passion and burning desire within oneself that makes all the difference. As one enters his house you are greeted by a huge collection of trophies, photos, records of matches, players profile and records, other statistics and important occasions of almost 5 generations and if one wants to go through it even spending a day would not be enough. His memories are still sharp to recollect those glorious moments of yesteryears, and there are many incidents that are on the tip of his tongue. The highs and lows of his cricketing world are still in front of his eyes thus keeping all of those moments with him for others to get inspired.

Playing the game for Dahisar Sports club till date this is his 47th year of playing Kanga league, which is considered one of the most challenging cricket tournament, his aim is to play for another 5 years and break the record of 52 years with his off breaks and with the bat too. What is remarkable is his enthusiasm to play which it seems is almost the same that of a young cricketer. He is confident of his achievement. Mr. Pravin Gogri has gone to prove that its all in your mind. He has clearly shown the way for many a budding cricketers you are good till you feel the same. Surely Mr. Gogri is a class apart.
Actively involved with Dahisar sports club as one of their committee members, has undertaken 50 cricket tours till date to different cities, districts within India and abroad thus giving lots of good talented players opportunity to compete with the best in other places. No tour is repeated to the same city again is a unique feature of the clubs touring itenary,
Dahisar sports club with Mr. Gogri’s rich experience has made a mark for itself. While the club has produced good cricketers at the highest level, his search for new talents and grooming them has not stopped. He goes out of the way to help many of the budding cricketers and the club too contributes with providing them high quality kits and other facilities and leaves no stone unturned. One of his success secrets is self discipline which has become a great learning curve for many of the young cricketers of the club. Going early to sleep and waking up early in the morning, routine exercises, good food habits, yoga and meditation are the key aspects to make him what he is till today.
One of the notable aspect of his talent finding is he appoints new captains on many of the tours thus not only giving chance to all but trying bring out talents which many of good coaches would not try of.
Also organises matches for his community – The Navneet cup, Shakti cup, Mulund cup, Kutchi cricket league thus giving it back to his community and showing them the way.
The icing on the cake is apart from being a part of a long cricketing journey, Mr. Pravin gogri is a excellent singer with a melodious voice and is passionate of his music too with his own collections and songs that keeps him going in the music world.
Well, Mr. Pravin Gogri has shown us the way. The man with a golden heart still continues to show the way. Its up to us to follow the path shown by him.
Amazing cricketer, Amazing gentleman.

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