From selling Manchurians to playing Kanga Knock Out: the story of Govinda Prajapati

A couple of years back when Govinda Prajapati started his own Chinese street food joint in Mumbai, little did he know, that one fine day, he would be selected in a team that plays MCA’s Kanga Knock Out Tournament. Prajapati, 20, who played cricket on the roads from childhood always wanted to play at a professional level. His dream was finally fulfilled when he was selected to play for Friends Union Sports Club in the Kanga Knock Out Tournament. Prajapati is a right arm off spinner.

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Hailing from a humble financial background, in his quest to meet both ends, he started his own road side snacks centre where he served delectable Manchurians and other Chinese dishes. Since he was full time involved in the business, he could hardly find time to practice cricket. Prajapati literally burnt the midnight oil as he trained late at nights on the roads. He practiced bowling on footpaths with the help of cones and other training equipment. Since he could not afford any formal training, he was determined to hone his skills on his own.

Govinda Prajapati working at his Chinese food stall

Just a few months back he joined a cricket academy in Mumbai. Through the same academy he went to DSC Sports Club in BKC H block Sion – Bandra Link Road for selection courtesy Suraj Samat. The trials were conducted by Cricketgraph where in multiple cricketers came to attend from different corners of Mumbai.  Govinda bowled well during the trials and was picked up by Friends Union Sports Club. Recently in one of the matches that Prajapati played, the wily off spinner also claimed 3-25 in nine overs. Govinda also performed well in the practice matches & his dream of playing professional cricket certainly came to life courtesy Suraj Samat (MCA Apex Committee Member) who is always at the forefront towards the development of grassroot cricket in Mumbai.

Govinda Prajapati’s journey is not only inspiring but also heart touching. CricketGraph wishes all the luck to this young and budding cricketer of Mumbai.

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