DTDC Sport Club Clinches Victory by Innings

In a thrilling cricket encounter at Virar’s Sainath Sports Club ground, DTDC Sport Club showcased their dominance with a comprehensive victory, thanks to outstanding performances from key players.

The batting innings for DTDC was marked by Saksham Parashar’s breathtaking display of skill and determination. Parashar’s remarkable innings saw him amass an impressive 179 runs off 206 balls in the first inning, laying a formidable foundation for DTDC’s victory. His innings, adorned with 27 boundaries and 1 six, not only showcased exceptional batting prowess but also played a crucial role in setting a high target for the opposition.

Omkar Ghule in first inning help for 70 runs of 82 balls ( 9×4 and 1×6 ) and shine with balls he take 4 wickets.

Omkar Ghule’s all-round contribution further solidified DTDC’s triumph. While excelling in the bowling department, where he scalped 4 crucial wickets in the first inning, Ghule also showcased his batting prowess by contributing a valuable 70 runs off 82 balls, including 9 boundaries and 1 six. This versatile display of skills underscored DTDC Sport Club’s dominance over the opposition and highlighted the team’s ability to excel in both batting and bowling.

Maxwell take 3 wickets in 10 overs and giving 25 runs.And second inning taking 7 wickets 22.1 overs and giving 69 runs ..

As the match progressed, DTDC Express LTD emerged as the dominant force, with key players like Saksham Parashar, Maxwell Swaminathan, and Omkar Ghule delivering stellar performances. Maxwell Swaminathan’s notable contributions with both bat and ball, including claiming 7 wickets in the second inning, further emphasized the team’s all-round excellence.

The match at the Sainath Sports Club became a memorable chapter in the Time Shield B division, showcasing DTDC Sport Club’s commitment to excellence and their ability to shine in every aspect of the game. The collective efforts of the team, highlighted by individual brilliance from key players, demonstrated a well-rounded and formidable cricketing prowess that set DTDC Express LTD apart in the competition.

In conclusion, the victory at Sainath Sports Club not only solidified DTDC Sport Club’s position in the Time Shield B division but also served as a testament to their commitment to excellence and their capability to excel in both batting and bowling, making the match a memorable and celebrated moment in their cricketing journey.

Saksham Parashar scored in first inning 179 of 206 balls included

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