CricketGraph Academy Partnerships: Unique Opportunity For Cricket Academies

Cricketgraph is the world’s oldest media portal serving grassroot cricketers in India and bringing out exceptional talent to the world and continues to do so and aid cricketers all around the globe. An increasing problem of competitiveness has left numerous good quality academies either shut down or downsize their academies. Immensely knowledgeable coaches and support staff possess the best of facilities but unfortunately due to lack of a prime business plan and limited marketing scope, the increase in volume and growth of the cricket academy is limited.   

To help such cricket academies grow, CricketGraph has introduced an unique model of partnership with Cricketgraph for academies. With the Cricketgraph partnership, academies will be provided with consistent media coverage and PR resulting in a broadened business scope. In addition to business growth, Media & PR for academies, exchange programs, uplifting the current coaching staff etiquettes, CricketGraph will also provide opportunities to partner academy students to participate in MCA affiliated tournaments and represent MCA clubs.

Here’s how CricketGraph partnership will benefit the academy:

  • Repositioning of the academy
  • New leads for academy
  • Media and PR for the academy
  • Social media outreach
  • Improved reputation
  • Opportunity to compete in MCA affiliated tournaments
  • Opportunity for academy players to represent MCA Clubs
  • More number of matches i.e more opportunities for players to showcase their skills
  • Recognition and visibility for coaches and support staff

With the determination to pursue this goal, Cricketgraph is excited to announce a new vertical involving partnerships with cricket academies. With Cricketgraph’s far-fetched social media reach and huge offline networks, this is an incredible opportunity for cricket academies to amplify their current well-being. Talking about social media, with a monthly reach of 1.5 million on Instagram and 1 million on YouTube, the media coverage provided by Cricketgraph will certainly amplify the current state of the academy. 

When the academies tie up with Cricketgraph, they have a great chance to not just promote their talented players but also make a name for themselves in the process. With a preceding reputation, partnering up with Cricketgraph is an excellent opportunity for cricket institutes to grow their business ventures as well as their prestige. 

This CricketGraph partnership is currently extended to limited academies and aims to have an exclusivity for such partner academies. 

If you wish to partner with CricketGraph to grow your cricket academy, pls fill the form Form Link: or call on +91 8097098366 

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