Abhishek Jain: Young & Promising Sidearm Specialist from Mumbai

The demand for sidearm specialists is increasing every passing day with most of the franchise teams as well as International teams recruiting sidearm specialists in their squad for training and practice. The profession of sidearm specialist has progressed a lot in the last 2-3 years and one such youngster who is hopping on to the trend with good speciality and skills is Abhishek Jain from Mumbai.

23yr old Abhishek from Mumbai is a professional cricketer himself but he started practicing sidearm since 2017 when the trend was not even picked up. In the last 4 years, he has worked hard on increasing his skills, pace and accuracy.  A right handed batsman and a right arm off-spinner, Abhishek himself pursues cricket in Mumbai and plays club level but at the same time he wishes to grow as a sidearm specialist.

Abhishek jain Sidearm Specialist
Abhishek Jain

Abhishek Jain shared with Cricketgraph:

“Being a cricketer myself, it gets easier for me to learn and understand what the player wants during practice. That’s one benefit I get because I myself play cricket and I realize potential areas to bowl which will benefit the players during practice sessions. I take feedbacks from the players on what areas do they need deliveries to be pitched while I mix my own intuition too, overall it’s been a great learning experience since last 4 years which has resulted in me working with some top players of Mumbai”

Abhishek jain Sidearm Specialist
Abhishek Jain Sidearm Specialist with Coach Dinesh Lad and Cricketer Siddhesh Lad

Abhishek currently provides sidearm practice under Dinesh Lad sir’s guidance at his academy. For the uninitiated, Dinesh Lad is one of the most sought after cricket coaches in Mumbai who has given India many domestic and international cricketers including the likes of Rohit Sharma and Shardul Thakur. Abhishek’s stock deliveries are Yorker, outswingers and he manages to bowl between 130-135 kmph. Abhishek has been committed to improve on his skills and his commitment towards the work of sidearm has resulted in him working with many Ranji Trophy Level Cricketers.

Abhishek jain Sidearm Specialist
Abhishek jain Sidearm Specialist with Coach Lalchand Rajput

In the last few years, Abhishek has worked with many players right from Shashank Singh (IPL and Ranji Player), Atif Attarwala (Mumbai Senior Team), Siddhesh Lad (Mumbai Senior Team), Akhil Rajput (Domestic Player), Suved Parkar (Mumbai Jr Team), Aayush Jethwa (Mumbai Jr Team), Rudra Tank (Mumbai Jr, Team), Pranay Kapadia, Ishan Roy, actor Bhaktyra Irani from JNS Jaguars Cricket Team and many more.

Abhishek jain Sidearm Specialist Abhishek jain Sidearm Specialist Abhishek jain Sidearm Specialist Abhishek jain Sidearm Specialist

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