Zsportstech’s Indoor Nets: Advanced Facility In Mumbai For Cricketers

Zsportstech are quite famous for their Zbats but other than providing cricketing gear,  the company also has an indoor astro-turf net facility. 

 There are two indoor nets pinched side-by-side. One with the automatic bowling machine and the other with a manual one. The turf here is one of the best if not the best which is manufactured in Australia.  The following are a few details of the indoor facility: 

  1. Net Practice: The ideal place for a nets session where you can call upon your bowlers and have an intense nets session with supervision. There is an option to train with your teammates or work on yourself alone as well.
  2. Play against the best bowling machine: The Leverage bowling machine is said to be the bowling machine of the highest quality. You can work on specific shots as the machine accurately feeds you the ball. For developing specifics, this is the ideal option.
  3. Top Level Coaching Staff: Sanjay Gaitonde and Nitin Kadam are well known coaches associated with Zsportstech. With the best staff to guide you for batting, bowling or wicketkeeping, your personal skills will develop. 
  4. Drills: During the off season it is crucial to better the technicalities of your game. Basic drills such  as batting basics shadow practice, bowling basics run-up/action/, fielding & throwing drills, t-drills for fitness, dynamic & mobility routine, etc.  
  5.  ICC Approved Bat Sensor: This technology is revolutionary for every batter. Zsports conducts Consultation process in which testing of bats can be done. Sensor provides analysis of the player’s game. It shows the different factors such as efficiency, power, bat swing, speed at impact and many other factors. In normal bat stores we don’t get trial of the bat before buying the bat, but Zsports provides trial of the bat with ICC approved sensor wherein players can try different bats and choose their bat. At the endo of the the consultation process players will get a report comparing these factors of different bats and can do the comparison for the same to choose the perfect balance of the bat for them.
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    This indoor facility is one of the  best if not the best facilities in  Mumbai. 

    The Zbat Facility’s Availability: 
    Working days- Tuesday to Sunday
    Time Slot- 11:00am to 7:00pm

    For Booking: https://www.zsportstech.com/net-session 
    Number: +919324966322
    To Know More: https://www.zsportstech.com/ 
    Instagram: @zsportstech 

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