SAG India takes two promising teams to the much awaited Malaysia Super Sixes Tournament which begins from 14th July!


One of the most entertaining tournaments in cricket will start soon from 14th to 20th July. No need to watch highlights of IPL or T20 matches as these matches played itself will have almost every 2nd ball going out of the park.

Malaysia Super Sixes Tournament which has been a huge success since many years because of its clean hitting display and the entertainment factor will begin soon from the 3rd week of July(14th to 20th July).

Teams Participating– Clubs from Australia, Hong Kong , Thailand, UAE, Bangladesh, Sri-lanka, England , Singapore, India, Malaysia.

What’s more the powerful corporate cricket team of Mumbai WNS Corporate Cricket team has also participated in this year’s edition which is completely sponsored by SAG INDIA for their consistent & excellent perfomance at the local level in Mumbai.

The WNS Squad for the Malaysia Tour- Consists Great and known Mumbai players like Mandar, Dnyansagar, Ketan, Aditya, Rahul and Captain Kiran Desai.
Top Selected Players for the Malaysia Tour : Mandar Garude, Dnyansagar Patil, Ketan kharat, Aditya Nikam, Laukik Bawkar, Sandeep Mahajan, Nikhil Chavan, Rahul Kirodian, Umesh Salgoankar , Vikrant Bhagwat, Sachin Duraphe, Ajinkya Dhumal , Chiranjivi Phalke, Bhavesh Pawar, Asif khan and Rahul Kelaskar.

Another club of SAG INDIA also participating in this tournament .

Team Squad- Shresahth,Mohmmed Ladakwala , Sumith Kumar Puri, Anuj Tomar ,Mohd Javed , Rupesh Chauhan, Sayan Paul, Afzaal

Tapan Sarkar-Director of SAG                       

Meraj Khan-Secretary of SAG INDIA                       

Gufran-Sports Development officer of SAG INDIA

Apart from the visa fees, the entire journey which includes accommodation, meals, flights dress etc is completely sponsored by SAG India. We mumbaikars will certainly be routing for our local boys to win the tournament this year. Cricketgraph congratulates WNS for their journey while wishes SAG and both the participating clubs all the luck for a great tournament and come back home with the trophy!




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