PEAQ Conditioning Coaching from Australia for Cricketers

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PEAQ Online program to help cricketers take their performance to a whole new level. 

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Batsmen: A strength program from PEAQ can help you to improve you upper body strength, lower body strength and rotational core strength in order to produce more power behind each of your shots. A running program from PEAQ will help you to improve your repeated speed ability so that you can be confident while running between the wickets. This could help you to push harder for those much needed singles that could change the game!

Bowlers: Being a bowler (fast bowler in particular) can have a very harsh impact on your body. Just think about how much pressure you put through your planting leg and through your bowling arm, every single time you deliver a ball. This impact can lead to soreness, injury and in turn may cause you to miss out on playing opportunities. A strength program from PEAQ will help you to deal with the stresses of bowling and reduce your risk of injury while improving the pace of your bowling! A running plan will improve your endurance throughout the overs and will help you to maintain your pace from you first over… all the way to your last over!

Fielders: A strength program from PEAQ will help to increase your upper body strength for longer and more powerful throws in the field. This could lead to many more run out opportunities and inevitably aid your team to take more wickets! A running program will not only improve your endurance and speed in the field, it will help to increase your agility and react quicker to varying situations when the ball is heading towards you.

Once you subscribe, you will get access to PEAQ dashboard with a customized package designed for you by the expert consultants based out PEAQ Australia. Following PEAQ online program can have a phenomenal improvement in overall cricketers lifecycle.
CricketGraph and PEAQ have tied up to offer PEAQ services at affordable rates to cricketers in India. 
For the first 20 Subscribers, flat 60% discount is being offered on 1 Month Subscription

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1 review for PEAQ Conditioning Coaching from Australia for Cricketers

  1. Daniel Lees

    I have had the pleasure of training under Sean for the Port Magpies in the SANFL and quickly warmed to his committed and professional approach to elite training methods. Always on time, organised and willing to go a little further to help someone with the desire to improve was perhaps his best quality. Didn’t matter who you were, or how many games you had played, Sean was always very keen to help you improve.

    Recently I was looking for some variety in weight training so I got back in contact with Sean. Sometimes it can be difficult to get a training program from someone when looking for more advanced training exercises. Within a week, I was already at the gym with Sean, as he insisted on running through the program with me to make sure I was happy with the 3 day program he had put together. This individual service is something that can be hard to find with personal trainers at times so I couldn’t be happier.

    If you are looking to improve yourself, no matter what level you are currently at, get in contact with Sean at PEAQ Conditioning Coaching and get started!

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