One of its kind, the Female Cricket Academy by Vishal Yadav

Often looked upon as a step sibling of men’s cricket the women’s cricket in India is far from being popular. Reaching the finals of the ICC Women’s World Cup in 2017 did a world of good to the women’s cricket in general, as people of the country finally acknowledged that the women work equally hard as their male counterparts and can be equally successful if given sufficient opportunities. There is seldom any doubt that not enough girls are encouraged to take up the gentleman’s game, which is probably the reason for women’s cricket not being famous. It is like a chicken and egg story. Nobody knows what came first. In terms of women’s cricket, one does not know whether the women’s game is not much popular because not many play the sport, or because not many girls play the sport, the game is not popular.

Keeping this in mind, Mr.Yadav, a cricket enthusiast and a full time working professional contemplated to do something for women’s cricket in India. He started by covering women’s cricket news and stories so that the women’s cricket followers and cricket fans in general are aware of the happenings. As a part of the Global Cricket Community, he got the opportunity to interview cricketers from 105 countries. In this process, he realized that women’s cricket has a huge potential. In countries like USA, Argentina, Canada, and Brazil, women’s cricket is more popular than the men’s cricket.

After garnering tremendous success in this space, Mr. Yadav decided to start Female Cricket Academy in Mumbai. This Academy is meant exclusively for female cricketers and currently houses 40 players. In no time, Mr.Yadav’s venture is gaining popularity which is evident from the fact that his Facebook page has more than 38000 likes, Twitter handle has over 2000 followers, and Instagram has a whopping 78000+ followers.

Despite being a working professional, Mr.Yadav devotes his weekends to the Female Cricket Academy. Such an Academy is just the start of something big. Cultivating quality women cricketers is the main objective of Mr. Yadav’s initiative. With Smriti Mandhana and Harmanpreet Kaur being selected to play international T20 leagues, the future for women’s cricket looks bright and beautiful. The day is not too far when we have our very own Women’s IPL in this country, where cricket is a religion and cricketers are Gods. It’s time that we worship the Goddesses as well.

Mr.Yadav’s Female cricket academy currently operates out of Shivaji Park, Mumbai and is keen to explore partnership proposals from tier 2 & tier 3 cities to encourage a holistic development of women cricket in India.

Cricketgraph team wishes all the best to Vishal Yadav and Female Cricket Academy. 

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