NATARAJ PENS presents 2nd edition of Mumbai ka Accurate Bowler

After garnering tremendous success in the first season of Mumbai ka accurate bowler, NATARAJ PENS is all set to host its second season with cricketgraph. The first season witnessed participation from around 1000 plus students across various schools & colleges in Mumbai. 

Mumbai’s favourite pen brand NATARAJ PENs is back with a bang to woo the cricketers of Mumbai in the coming days. There is seldom any need to introduce this brand as it is already become a household name. Just like food, clothing, and shelter are the basic necessities of a common man, NATARAJ PENS are the basic necessities of school-goers and adults alike. Just like to win a war you need weapons, to win a cricket match, a batsman needs a bat, whereas a bowler needs a ball. On similar lines, the importance of NATARAJ PENS during the school and college days cannot be emphasized more.

In the island city that has produced batting legends like Sunil Gavaskar and Sachin Tendulkar, NATARAJ PENS has come up with a novel idea in the form of “Mumbai ka Accurate Bowler” competition to hunt for an accurate bowler. It is a well-designed competition consisting of three rounds.

In the first round, all the three stumps will be visible to the bowlers, who will be required to hit them as many times as possible out of the three chances given to them. In the second round again, the bowlers will have three attempts to have a shy at the stumps, the only change being, one of the stumps (not the middle stump) will be taken away. This means that in the second round, bowlers will have to aim at two stumps only. In the third, only the middle stump will be standing its ground and the bowlers will have just one stump to aim at.

Like Arjuna who could see just the eye of the bird, the bowlers will be expected to emulate Arjuna’s concentration powers and hit the bull’s eye i.e. the middle stump. One of the most fascinating things about this competition is that the stumps that will be used will be no ordinary sticks but the NATARAJ PENS that will stand tall and face the bowlers.

NATARAJ PENS will be generously showering the winners with loads of goodies which include but are not restricted to trophies, certificate of appreciation, cricket merchandise and much more.

This year the NATARAJ PENS Mumbai ka accurate bowler will witness two chapters in Mumbai.  The recently concluded Women’s World T20 has given a different momentum to women’s cricket. Capturing this, NATARAJ PENS will invite the budding women cricketers to participate in the competition.   

So, all the budding cricketers of schools and colleges, pull up your socks to fight for the coveted title of “Mumbai ka accurate bowler” by NATARAJ PENS.

Few winners of the first edition of Mumbai ka Accurate Bowler were: 18 yrs, pranay gavande from kj  Somaiya college- mulund chapter; 9yrs – yatharth yadav from goregaon model public school kandivali  chapter; Omkar chettiar from jhunjhunwala college kharghar chapter; 8yrs – Risabh  kotai from birla school kalyan chapter; 14 yrs Anmol sawant  from  Rainbow international school – kalyan chapter; 17yrs Pravin upadhyay – Nutan  college kalyan – kandivali chapter; Rohan kataria form father Joseph high school – Bhayander chapter.

 They were accurate and hit the bull’s eye all too often than their counterparts. It would be exciting to find out this season’s winners from schools & colleges across Mumbai. 

The exact dates and venues will be shared soon on cricketgraph website & social media handles.

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