Meet Mohammad Altamash Iqbal: The Man Behind Indoor Cricket In Jharkand

The indoor cricket culture is richer than one can anticipate. From competitive tournaments, amazing facilities to International World Cups, indoor cricket has got so much to offer. Mohammad Altamash Iqbal is someone who has coached and managed massive tournaments and academies in the world of indoor cricket. He also has opened an indoor academy in India. 

Mohammad Altamash Iqbal has previously worked as the Operation Manager at First Sports Center at Sharjah, UAE. Apart from managing, Iqbal is also a certified Level 1 Coach, ECB certified umpire and has worked as a cricket analyst as well! During his teenage years, Mohammad has also represented  Jharkhand at the Under 19 level. He used to practice at the Jamshedpur School of Cricket and JRD Tata Sports Complex during his playing days.

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Aware of the kind of facilities required for the sport after experiencing superior facilities abroad, Mohammad took it upon himself to develop the culture of indoor cricket in India. 

Mohammad Altamash Iqbal has taken great initiatives in his life. He has launched a new academy at Jharkand of which he is the Founder. The Jharkand Indoor Cricket Association is one of the best federations when it comes to indoor cricket and is also recognized by the India Indoor Cricket (IIFS Body). The highly reputable association is eligible to hot international indoor tournaments under the World Indoor Cricket Federation (WICF). Teams from allover India compete in tournaments held at this facility.

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Just as mainstream cricket has World Cups, there is a World Cup for indoor cricket as well. This year in Australia, nations will compete against each other for the  prestigious Indoor Cricket World Cup 2022. Mohammad Altamash Iqbal has been tipped to be the manager of UAE for the tournament. 

Currently he is working as a Business Development Manager for Insportz Club in Dubai. Apart from his regular ventures, Mohammad Altamash Iqbal also has an YouTube channel named “Sports Dynamic” where he explains different rules of indoor cricket, shares instances from recorded games, promotes players and also gives equipment reviews. 

A commendable feats for the Man from Jharkhand! 

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