How to maintain your bats? By Zsportstech

Maintaining and cleaning your bat is every batsman’s responsibility. Apart from being a cricketer, you should know how to look like one as well. Just like how we like to wear clean and fresh clothes, our cricket  equipment should be maintained properly as well.

As everyone is aware, ZSportstech design bats as per the player’s requirement but they also provide a Bat Care Kit along with their willows so the batsman can clean his bat. The kit contains a standing pad which is a replacement of the rough polishing paper and a special bat wax. 

The standing pad is a foam like pad which is used to clear ball marks from the bat. It should be rubbed on the bat so the annoying red marks are removed without any issues. There is no need for any liquids. This is the perfect replacement for sandpaper or polishing paper which might be too rough. 

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The kit also contains a bat wax which is used to give the bat a shining affect after cleaning. The wax is one of a kind which cannot be found anywhere else. 

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The kit is surely recommended if not bought already.  

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