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How to bowl deadly inswing deliveries with leather ball ? Well, in this video, a qualified and experienced cricket coach Sachin Nag breaks down the different steps involved in bowling inswing. Sachin Nag is a Level 1 Kites Cricket Coach who works at District Sports Club.

How the bowler holds / grips the ball, how does the bowler release the ball on seam, how to lock the grip and release the ball, which way to point the shiny side and most importantly how to finish the delivery to ensure ball ends swinging back into a right hand batter. You should be able to slide a finger in between the palm and the ball angle the seam towards leg slip. Make sure that you angle the shiny half of the ball away from the batsman Inswing ball is one of the most difficult bowl to face by a right hand batter coz an in swinging ball has high chance of the batter getting out as lbw or bowled.


Question Answered in this Video:

1. How to grip the ball for inswing

2. To lock the grip to ensure ball is released in the right way

3. How to use the crease to bowl inswing

4. where to finish the bowling arm

5. Follow through after delivery

6. inswing ball kaise daale

7. Inswing ball ke techniques

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