Here is Virat Mishra-the steaming pace machine from kandivali


Pace bowling is not something which everyone can come and just bowl. You got to be special to master this art. While India has never been short of talented spinners both at the national as well as domestic level but we have always lacked genuine pace bowlers since decades. India has never got their own version of tearaway fast bowlers like Shoaib Akhtar, Shane Bond or Brett lee. Having genuine fast bowlers in the side has become rare especially for India. Though many people consider only spin to be an art but pace bowling is equally strenuous and requires a lot of hard work. More than the hard work, it’s the fitness and discipline which plays a huge role in a fast bowler’s career.

Hence, spotting a fast bowling talent in India is very crucial and so we came up with this exceptionally talented fast bowler called Virat Mishra.

He is just 20 years old but already clocking 130 kmph. Viren Jethwa who is blessed with a genius kid himself (14 year old cricketer Ayush Jethwa) was all praises for Virat Mishra. In fact it was Viren Jethwa who helped us spot this talented cricketer.

Viren first spotted Virat’s talent when they toured together for the first time in their home tournament and Virat was still raw but excellent with the ball. He bowled consistently fast and also came up with fifties with the bat.

Later on Virat realized himself that he can be a genuine speedster and started focusing more on his bowling. Virat was also the fastest bowler when he played the under 19 tournaments.

It is his stint at Dahisar sports club for the last three years which drastically helped him to improve his bowling.

During his initial years Virat did not had much support from his family but it was his uncle Vinay Kumar Mishra who stood by him through his thick and thin. It was his uncle who helped Virat follow his passion towards the game. Virat who recently bagged 5/23 for KES against Thakur was phenomenal. But that wasn’t the only performance this season which took everyone’s notice as he had bagged another 6 wickets while playing for Reliance against Mumbai police Gymkhana in the Times Shield.

In fact it is because of his talent with the ball, Coach Karan Joshi (who also plays for London Railways) has taken him under his wings to groom and nurture him ahead for professional cricket.

Viren Jethwa who has seen him playing cricket since he was 12 years old agrees to the fact that his progress in cricket has been consistent. As Virat himself shared with Cricketgraph-‘I really work hard on my fitness, apart from practicing everyday in the nets, i also do regular exercises and diets to maintain my fitness levels’

Virat has set his eyes to touch the 145 kmph mark with the ball & is working hard everyday to achieve that milestone. Donning the national cap for India is on his ultimate wishlist & it will be his passion & hard work towards the game which will help him move ahead in his career.

Virat Mishra has taken 5wicket hauls 13 times in the last half of the decade with 8 wickets in an innings being his best figures so far. What sets him apart is his discipline along with consistent line and length. Virat is also mastering the art of in-swinging the deliveries just like James Anderson (England).

Virat’s journey has been fruitful so far and if he continues the same amount of passion and hard work towards the game, there is no reason why he won’t get a chance to play for the National team. (which is his dream too)

Mishra gives the biggest credit to his uncle followed by his parents who have now started to support him fully. As Virat says  ”my mom no matter what feeds me every time according to my likes, timing schedules and diet needs and takes care of me all the time”

He was also full praises for his other two coaches Vivek Kadam sir & Pravin sir for what he is and where he has reached so far in this sport. Considering his hard work and talent, Virat does seem to have a bright future ahead.

We wish Virat all the luck and best wishes to keep progressing in cricket and come up with excellent performances in the future.

  1. V K Mishra says

    Congratulations !
    The news of your achievement has come as a great delight to all of us here. All your hard work, commitment and practice.

    Thanks to all, and pray for his success,

    well done Mr. Virat Mishra

    Best regards.

    V K Mishra
    Technical manager
    Dammam Saudi Arabia

  2. Ajay yadav says

    Hi Virat,

    Keep all the hard work on the move to achieve your goals and iam sure it will come alive very soon…All the best for ahead..

  3. Ghassan says

    Congratulations !
    Virat Mishra
    The news of your achievement has come as a great delight to all of us here. All your hard work, commitment and practice.
    Thanks to all, and pray for his success
    Best Regards
    Ghassan Hassaballa Ali
    Radiation Protection Officer
    NDT level II
    Sudanese in Saudi Arabia

  4. V K Mishra says

    Mr Ghassan ali

    Radiation Protection officer
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    thank you so much,

    best regards.


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