Grit and determination over physical abilities: President of Wheelchair cricket Vicky Kumar talks about challenges of a different world

In a cricket loving nation, everyone knows the ins and the outs of the Indian cricket team but is anyone aware of the cricketing scheme for wheelchair cricket? The chances seem bleak. Vicky Lamba Kumar from Delhi is an unknown personality in relation to any other cricketing personalities but the work put in by him is more than exceptional. 

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Vicky Kumar is an ex-wheelchair cricketer who represented India in the last decade. It wasn’t just the cricketing abilities but his willpower and determination which were lauded by everyone. Making a career in cricket isn’t as easy as it looks anyways but Kumar managed it even with his physical disabilities. 

With the lack of support from the government and cricketing bodies, cricket for the disabled was always neglected. Vicky had to go through a lot during the initial phase. Playing in a wheelchair was challenging itself, and added struggles from society amplified it. Regardless of the difficulties, Vicky Kumar was able to reach the top and represent the nation in 2015. He debuted against Bangladesh in Dubai but his career lasted short with only 3 games. 

Leaving the field for good, Kumar was assigned the role as the President of Delhi Wheelchair Cricket Association in 2017. He regularly organizes tournaments for the physically challenged as there are very rare instances of them playing regular games. 

After becoming the President, he only had one goal in his mind, to spread awareness about the wheelchair cricketing community in the society. During his playing days no one paid attention to these leagues leaving him and his comrades heartbroken. Due to this, the funding was low which resulted in poor development. 

Vicky Kumar wants to send a strong message through his work so that the Government would monetarily aid the leagues. This would enable cricketers to have better financial backing and security for their respective futures after their careers are over. Kumar is not only doing this for the wheelchair cricketers but also for other physically disabled teams.  

Currently Kumar and his Delhi team are preparing for the WCI National tournament at Lucknow in October. 16 Teams from India will be participating in this prestigious league. Vicky will travel with the team to guide and support them.  

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