Cricketgraph Top 5 Bowling Spells in Mumbai Local Tournaments for the month of March 2017


There are so many good bowlers who perform really well in the local tournaments. Some are even a revelation to watch but they go unnoticed. Hence, we at Cricketgraph have come up with a noble initiative to capture & celebrate the best performances and highlight them to the world. We have started monthly rankings from March where the best performances with the bat & ball will be ranked & highlighted.

It has been tough shortlisting the best bowlers since there were numerous performances but we had to come up with the top 5 considering every factors in mind like the opposition, the stage of the tournament, the intensity and pressure of the game, the level of opposition & much more.

Here are the Top 5 Bowling Spells-

Ayush Bogal 7-85 against KC Gandhi
Joint at no. 5th– Ayush Bogal 7/85 against KC Gandhi

Format-2 Days

It was the finals of the Inter-school Ghantali tournament & Sri Maa Vidyalaya’s slow left-arm spinner Ayush Bogal proved to be the lone wolf in the attack as he took 7/85 against KC Gandhi who eventually won the match. Ayush lacked support from the other bowlers or else it was one of the better performances of the tournament.

Virendra Yadav- 5-23 against Automative
5. Virendra Yadav- 5/23 against Automative

Format- One Day/One innings

In the semi-finals of the Times Cricket Shield, leg-spinner Virendra Yadav took 5/23 helping DTDC defend their target of 179 against Automative & also qualify for the all-important finals of the tournament.

Satyak Patel- 7-33
4. Satyak Patel- 7/33

Format- One Day/One Innings

Left-arm spinner Satyak Patel took 7/33 against IES Bandra in the knock-outs of the Saqib Rizvi Memorial Tournament & eventually helped his team Rizvi win the match with his tight and disciplined bowling where batsman were not able to figure him out.

Atharva Datar- 7-29
3. Atharva Datar- 7/29

Format- T20

In a high pressure quarter-finals of the Kalyan Premier league, right-arm leg spinner Atharva Datar bamboozled the batsman with bowling figures of 7/29 & helping his team Boys Cricket Academy qualify for the crucial semi-finals of the tournament.

Aditya Dhumal- 7-8
2. . Aditya Dhumal- 7/8

Format- T20

Yes you heard it right! Aditya came up with bowling figures of 7/8 in the all important finals of the Tata-Inter Company tournament in the same match where he scored a 30ball 80 & helped his team win the finals as well as the tournament. Certainly it was one of the most special performances of the month!

Harsh Mishra- 5-2 vs Gladiators
Mishra- 5/2 vs Gladiators

Format- T20

Team AIRPA defending their score of 170 in 20 overs, Harsh Mishra bowled a magical spell of 5/2 with his left-arm leg spin making Gladiators all-out for just 33 runs & handing over a big win to his team. What’s more he had even taken a hat-trick in that match. Harsh’s bowling was certainly a revelation to say the least & he tops the list for the best bowling spell for the month of March 2017.



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