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For a batsman, a bat is like a body part which they can’t live without. In fact bats are so close emotionally to a player that many batsmen preserve their bats or only use one particular bat or a brand of bat for a long long time and why not! A perfect bat with the right requirements which you are looking for can really help you to score runs comfortably rather than using a bat which you are not comfortable to use. In fact it is said that Sachin Tendulkar stitches, polishes and grips his bat personally and no one is allowed to touch his bats or collection of bats or his kit bag apart from him and he still has all the bats even the bats which were used 20-25 years ago. While some players prefer more wood in the middle, some prefer lightweight, while some prefer heavy bats like Sachin does while some batsman love playing with mongoose bats like Matthew Hayden. Hence, we came up with a list of players from different age groups and asked them which bats are their preferred choice to extract more out of them in every match they play.

Mayank Rawat(India U/19)

Mayank Rawat is one of the rising talents from the Delhi Cricketing circles and he is also a member of the Indian national team under/19. Mayank is known for his charismatic batting which reminds us why Delhi churns out gems every now and them right from Kohli, Sehwag, Gambhir, Nehra amongst many other cricketers.

Right-handed opener Mayank Rawat was recently in the news for scoring the world’s fastest tripe hundred scoring 309 off just 86balls in a 40 over game in the U/19 North Zone Gaikwad Trophy which included 37 sixes breaking his own previous record of 279 off 77balls which included 34 sixes. We asked Mayank about his bat preference and this is what he said “ I use BAS Bats as they are of extremely good quality and made of A Grade materials which lends me good balance at the crease”

Note- Bangladesh Skipper Mushfiqur Rahim and Pakistani test great Younis Khan also use BAS bats.

Bas Vampire Sixer Cricket Bat
Bas Vampire Club English Willow Cricket Bat


 2 Aman Khan (Mumbai Cricketer)

Another brilliant attacking batsman who has impressed one and all this year in 2017. Aman Khan plays in various big local tournaments of Mumbai and few of them include Vijay Manjrekar/Ramakant Desai T20 Tournament, 68th Salar Jung Tournament, Mitsui T20 Tournament amongst others and plays for DY Patil, Bandra Heroes amongst other teams.

Right-handed opener Aman has also scored some scintillating knocks like that 158 off 44balls for DY Patil in the Vijay manjrekar/Ramakant Desai T20 Tournament, 62 off 20 in the Mitsui T20 Tournament.

We asked Aman about his bat preference and this is what he said “I use SS bats because I love the wood they use. The wood is long lasting and the bats are pressed very well to give them a good punch and more importantly I get the shape that I’m comfortable playing with. Also the feel of the bat in the hand is amazing”

Note- SS Bats were also used by Dhoni and VVS laxman.


SS Waves English-Willow Cricket Bat


  1. Vedprakash Jaiswal (U/16, Mumbai)

Vedprakash Jaiswal is now a renowned local Mumbai batsman who is slowly rising in the ranks to become one of the rising talents from the Mumbai soil. Ved came into the news in the early 2017 when he scored back to back a record of 4 double hundreds in the Giles Shield Tournament. Right-handed Vedprakash who opens the innings or comes at one downplays for & is also the skipper of VN Sule School team, Gokuldham High school amongst other teams. Ved’s father Jaiprakash Jaiswal is also a hard-working coach at an academy in Dadar.

We asked Ved & his father about his bat preference and this is what he said “I use SG bats as they are not only lightweight which suits my body frame but also has a good stroke making quality, the sound which comes from the bat when I hit cover drives or cut shots are very satisfying”

Note- Suresh Raina also uses SG Bats


SG Hi-Score Xtreme English Willow Cricket Bat
SG Hi-Score Xtreme English Willow Cricket Bat


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