Badar Batliwala – The Cupping Guru who has worked with the who’s who from Mumbai Cricket

Well, Cupping therapy is a form of alternative medicine in which a local suction is created on the skin with the application of heated cups. It’s popular mainly in certain parts of Asia but also in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America. 22yr old Badar Batliwala from Mumbai is one such face who has become the torchbearer of Cupping Therapy treatment in Mumbai by not only healing thousands of people but also making this therapy popular in Mumbai as well as across India.
All but 22, Young Badar started off 4yrs back and in those 4 years he has treated over 1500 patients making him one of the prolific cupping gurus in Mumbai specializing in all types of Cupping/Leach therapies. So Cricketgraph got in touch with Badar to know more about his journey and here is a short interview which went along:

The Cupping Guru Badar Batliwala


So Badar, what’s your education Background?
I am a Final Year BAMS Student (D.Y. PATIL UNIVERSITY) & Certified Cupping Therapist.
How you got connected with Sports and other Athletes?
I used to follow some amount of cricket & football since I was young and when I started my own practice of Cupping Therapy, so I thought to myself that the category which would benefit the most through my services would be sports person. Hence I started to advertise my trademarked brand “The Cupping Guru” online and that is when I connected with a lot of athletes including the CricketGraph page itself.
How and when did you forayed into learning Cupping Treatment?
So when I started out my medicinal undergraduate course (BAMS) in 2018, that is when my father pushed me to learn this therapy as he used to get it done from our family doctor and used to feel that there are great benefits of this therapy. So hence I learnt it as a certified course in my first year of the medical course (BAMS) and hence was doing it as an unpaid internship in various clinics just for experience in the beginning 2 years of my career. Eventually lockdown happened and there was a pressure of meeting my own personal ends and expenses. So hence I started out my trademarked brand “The Cupping Guru” which includes all types of mainstream Cupping Therapies, Leech Therapy & various physiotherapy related services.
As of today, I am connected with 3 different health centres in Kurla, Ghatkopar & Thane. Apart from those, I provide home service all over Mumbai.
Currently I am in my final year BAMS and attend to my business brand “The Cupping Guru”, attend clinics for medicinal practice & even assist in surgeries too.
What education or training or course did you went through to learn Cupping?
I did a certified course from a family Dr. friend who has 35+ years of experience in Unani medicines & treatment. Eventually when I started my own individual practice my own medical course of BAMS came in my aid a lot.
How many years of experience do you hold in Cupping Therapy?
Well it’s been 4 Years now and it has been an exciting journey treating over 1500 patients & still countin…..! I also teach these therapies with Govt. Affiliated certificates only to people who have a medical background and that too just one on one teaching sessions. I believe that is the best way to teach these therapies instead of taking batches and providing a mediocre experience to my students. I believe that at least no one or as a matter of fact no institute in Mumbai can compete with the level of teaching and practical training that I can provide.
Till now name some of the biggest and high profile clients you have worked with?
I have done these therapies to quite a few TV & Web series actors & politicians as well. Some of my collabs are Cricketer Sarfaraz Khan & Bigboss Fame & Actor Sourabh Patel & Mumbai Cricket Association Apex Council Member Vihang Sarnaik & in future aiming for more collabs as well.


Reasons why one should opt for Cupping Treatment?
From ancient scriptures to modern researches, Cupping Therapy has proven to be useful in treating a varied number of illnesses and conditions like all pain related condition, boosting blood circulation & immunity, arthritic conditions, BP & Sugar control, Blood Detox, Hairfall & Hair Growth, Skin related conditions and the list just goes on.
What are the different types of Cupping Therapies?
Various types of Cupping Therapy includes:-
1. Wet Cupping (Hijama)
2. Dry Cupping
3. Fire Cupping
4. Acupressure Cupping
5. Dynamic Cupping
6. Herbal Cupping
7. Water Cupping
8. Ice Cupping
And various subcategories in the types mentioned above. The most mainstream of the above are Wet Cupping, Dry Cupping, Fire Cupping.

Badar Batliwala the cupping guru

What are your plans or vision ahead with your Cupping Guru Business?
I have gotten really good in the last four years of my career doing these therapies, that I can humbly say that I have been able to compete with other famous medical professionals out there in terms of result oriented practice. So I plan in doing and excelling more in that area.
But in the near future, my endgame is to become a practicing surgeon and hence I would have to hang my hat in this field whenever that happens because doing Cupping Therapy in the future won’t suit my identity as a surgeon. But I have gotten my brand “The Cupping Guru” trademarked and so will be distributing my franchise for the new aspiring Cupping Therapists out there.
As we can see, the young and dynamic Badar has charted off an exciting journey and looks all set to become one of the Top Cupping Gurus in India in the years to come. Cricketgraph wishes Badar all the luck for a great future ahead while stay tuned as we keep unearthing such exciting stories and people connected to grassroot cricket.

Cupping Guru Badar can be reached out on: +91 7738830917

Instagram Id: the_cupping_guru

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