ANJUMAN – I – ISLAM URDU HIGH SCHOOL C.S.T, Giles Shield Cricket Tournament

In a riveting clash at DPZ Matunga on December 1, 2023, the cricketing prowess of Parle Tilak Vidyalaya and Anjuman – I Islam urdu High School took center stage in the prestigious Giles Shield Cricket Tournament, organized by the Mumbai Schools Sports Association. The toss, a crucial moment in any cricket match, favored Parle Tilak Vidyalaya. Opting for the bowling

Anjuman – I Islam urdu High School delivered an exceptional performance in the Giles Shield Cricket Tournament at DPZ Matunga, propelled by the formidable partnership of Kabir Jagtap and Mohd Sadeem . Their outstanding collaboration of 206 runs formed the backbone of a commanding total, with Kabir Jagtap’s unbeaten 136 runs and Mohd Sadeem ‘s commendable 104 runs standing out as the driving forces behind the team’s success.

Kadir Jagtab unbeaten knock of 136 runs

Kabir Jagtap’s stellar performance was the standout feature of the innings, showcasing a blend of skill, precision, and resilience. His unbeaten knock of 136 runs demonstrated an ability to navigate the opposition’s bowling attack with finesse and make strategic shot selections, marking a truly remarkable display of cricketing prowess.

Mohd Sadeem score 104 runs

Mohd Sadeem ‘s contribution of 104 runs complemented Kabir’s brilliance, adding a mix of attacking shots and solid defense. Together, Kabir and Mohd forged a partnership that not only overwhelmed the opposing bowlers but also propelled Anjuman – I Islam urdu High School to a commanding position in the match.

As the innings concluded, Anjuman – I Islam urdu High School emerged with a formidable total of 328 runs, a testament to the strength and competitive spirit of the team. Kabir Jagtap and Mohd Sadeem ‘s partnership went beyond numerical value, it symbolized the resilience and determination that define Anjuman – I Islam urdu High School in the tournament.

Shane Raza took 9 wickets 6.5 over 1 maidan 20 runs

The bowling response from Anjuman – I Islam urdu High School was nothing short of spectacular. Shane Raza emerged as the star, taking an astonishing 9 wickets in just 6.5 overs, conceding a mere 20 runs. His exceptional performance on the field played a pivotal role in restricting Parle Tilak Vidyalaya to a modest score of 60 The spirited display of enthusiasm and skill by Anjuman – I Islam urdu High School showcased their determination to secure victory. The team’s cohesive efforts, coupled with outstanding individual performances, left an indelible mark on the match. As they clinched the win, the players, undoubtedly, made their coaches proud.

It’s great to know about the key figures at Anjuman Islam Urdu High School C.S.T. Here’s a brief acknowledgment President-Mr. Zaheer Kazir Sir Head Coach, Aslam Sarguru   Coaches: Tajammul Khan & Anis Khan The leadership and coaching staff play pivotal roles in shaping the development and success of a school’s sports program.

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