Ajish Rahman-Head of Analytics at IndiaFirst Life Insurance | Corporate Cricket Diaries by Capital Group

In the latest episode of Corporate Cricket Diaries powered by Capital World Media, is Ajish Rahman- Head of Analytics at IndiaFirst Life Insurance. Ajish apart from being a valuable professional for his Indiafirst Life Insurance company is also a big cricket lover who himself plays in a number of corporate tournaments throughout the year. In fact it was Ajish alongwith a few more people who started the culture of cricket in the IndiaFirst Company.

Within a year since they started, IndiaFirst Life Insurance won a number of tournaments and many players also benefited out of it just like Pushkar Sharma being one of those examples who got an opportunity to play in Kenya. In this 2nd episode of Corporate Cricket Diaries, Host Anoop Bindal will take us through how the journey of Cricket began at Indiafirst, the challenges, the setbacks and much more…

0:37 – How Cricket Journey started…?

10:56 – Winning many local corporate tournaments in a span of one year..

18:05 – infusion of cricket helping IndiaFirst life insurance from a business perspective?

23:18 – Mumbai Cricketer and IndiaFirst employee Pushkar Sharma employee getting opportunity to play in Kenya,

27:29 – Future plans for IndiaFirst Life Insurance Cricket team. =================================================

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