Adil Nargolwala – Talent Acquistion & Sports Head & Kiran Desai from WNS | Corporate Cricket Diaries

Corporate Cricket Diaries powered by Capital World Media In the latest episode of Corporate Cricket Diaries powered by Capital Group is Adil Nargolwala – Talent Acquisition & Sports Head, WNS India & Kiran Desai – Captain of WNS Cricket Team, Mumbai Sports Head & Group Manager at WNS. Adil is also called the Ironman for his amazing fitness levels as well as passion towards sports.

Adil is one man who is responsible to bring a huge cultural change in the corporate setup by equally remaining rooted with sports while Kiran on the other hand has not been a successful captain and a cricketer for WNS, but he has also been doing the admin work for WNS as a Mumbai Sports Head.

Stay tuned for this exciting interview as Cricketgraph host Anoop Bindal takes us through their exciting journey.

For Adil Nargolwala:

0:38 – Balancing life as an athlete and a corporate giant….

2:34 Participating in over 300 sports events … ..

3:23 – Passion for sports and fitness …

7:00 – Story behind being called “IRONMAN”

12:34 On the hiring process …

13:30 – Importance of sports in the corporate culture….

21:02 – Advice to the young sportspersons …

For Kiran Desai:

5:30 On WNS being one of the most successful corporate cricket team …

10:30 – What makes WNS a successful cricket team….

17:27 On managing a pool of 40-50 players as a Captain …


Corporate Cricket Diaries envisages on covering those corporate leaders who have also brought a change in the field of sports or let’s say particularly cricket. Most of the corporate companies have their own corporate sports wing or a cricket team which participates in numerous tournaments throughout the year.

There is a whole machinery and management which goes behind running such corporate teams & there is always one motivating force who brings a revolution to the team as well as to the company. Through Corporate Cricket Diaries, Cricketgraph will interview such personalities who have their own interesting stories and journey to share.


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