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Body, Balance and Technique are the trio of ingredients for making a proper batsman. These are the run-of-the-mill cricketing sermons fed to us by coaches, our favorite cricketers and even commentators since we know cricket. It’s seldom we and the pundits discuss and acknowledge the importance of a player’s “arsenal”. In a batsmen dominated sport like cricket, we appreciate and research more about the man but neglect the bat that in fact greets the ball and help the batter earn accolades.

The dynamics and components of a bat are the equivalent of the batter’s bio mechanics, they combined make a ‘batsman’. A tall lanky guy would prefer a long handle with the sweet spot pulled down a bit whereas a bulky and more balanced batter would want a short handled bat, its about the preference and comfort. This beguiling fact is indeed the crux, it’s more than preference, rather its more the cog around which the aesthetics of a batter rotate. Surprisingly, in a country where every cricket lover is a self-proclaimed guru we actually lack the scientific and logical reasoning. The drive to choose the proper bat in India is inspired by the financial standard and mainly by the cricketer we admire. A talented batsman with an illiterate brain to choose the correct bat can be very critical in professional grounds.

Z bats is a brand and bat clinic where scientific analysis, algorithms and bat sensors determine the race of bats apt for a particular individual. Z bats, the brain child of Samir shah and Harshal shah was created with an endeavor to ameliorate the bat standards and the dynamics for an individual. To add experience to ideas, Mr G Ramchandran joined them as mentor who is a veteran in the domain. In an interview the founder claimed that there could be 344 different types of batters in the age of 8-80, this fact for an uninformed player would be an eye opener. Their concept is heavily backed by numerous surveys, international technical support and brilliance and mainly practical illustrations.

Z Bat

Their motto is “body meets balance” and reasonably it’s the perfect one because before the inception of Z bats, the two words were abstract but now they have science backing them. The colossal impact they might have in the future is inevitable because in a very silent manner, the scientific lobby is grasping the cricket domain; starting from computing graphics to video analysis etc. in addition to sponsor the technicalities of batting and bats, they also impart ways to avoid injury with body dynamics detection.

Z Bat – Sanding Pad, Bat Maintenance Catalog
Z BAT – Bat Wax

Discussing their mechanics, they have a 0 to 0 model (online to offline). It is essentially a model where online based on certain body type and measurements introduced in the website by the potential customer.  3 bats are thrown up for the customer and a specific slot is allotted to come at the offline center to evaluate the bats, then the best bat is selected based on sensor capturing the various strokes over a 60-80 session and the based on results.

Z Bat – Batsense partnered with ICC
Z Bat – Batsense partnered with ICC


The idea and the working behind Z-bats may seem very lucid and interesting but the endeavors and intelligence put forward by the trio of Sameer, Harshal and GR remains in the backdrop.

Their determination and belief towards their idea is a hallmark and an inspiration. Today, a batter can avail and grab the right bat for him at prices ranging from 3999-25000 rupees – INR. The founders have high hopes and have also laid their plans which suggests opening of 10 Z bat clinic in the next 6 months.They have truly blended their brains, passion and vision to a masterpiece of a technology that in the future would be a necessity in the cricketing world. 



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