The mechanics behind “Change of Pace” by Coach Nagesh Gupta

Change of pace is an essential part of fast bowling these days. Even more with the dominance of t-20 cricket.

Here we look at the pictures of how to bowl two slower balls,although there are many more and we will discuss them in later posts.

1. Thumb off the ball- This type of variation is used more in bowling the slower bouncer by fast bowlers.The fast bowler runs with the normal grip and just as he is about to deliver the ball,takes the thumb off the ball.

2. Ball held in the back of the palm and index finger off the ball-Making the ball touch with the palm,reduces the pace of the ball considerably.

Key 🔑 points with slower balls:

1. Practice them again and again,once you are confident then only bowl it in a match.

2. The arm speed has to remain the same while bowling the slower balls,otherwise the batsman will pick it up.

3. Dont overdo the slower balls,keep them as a surprise weapon for the batsman.

Nagesh Gupta
Article curated by BCCI Level 2 Coach -Nagesh Gupta

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