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In this latest episode of Corporate Cricket Diaries powered by Cricketgraph, we will be interacting with a personality who makes quite a contribution in the field of sports. Yes, we are talking about Sridhar Korgoankar – General Secretary of RBI Sports Club & All India Reserve Bank Sports & Cultural Council. RBI which stands for Reserve Bank of India is the apex bank of India but it also gives back to the community by promoting sports on various verticals.

To head such a position of being a General Secretary at RBI, you really need to be at toes as it includes a lot of responsibilities, challenging tasks, managing people and assignments. Cricketgraph host will interact with Sridhar Korgaonkar and know his take on sports, corporate cricket, the grassroot cricket and many more topics revolving around sports.

0:34 – How challenging is the role of a general secretary at RBI Sports Club?

3:38 – Motivation behind promoting sports at RBI…

5:17 – Key Factors in Sports persons at RBI…

8:33 – How International Cricketers employed at RBI are utilized?

10:39 – How challenging it is to organize inter-bank tournaments since 4 decades?

13:21 – How sports journey began?

14:50 – Memories with Sachin Tendulkar…

19:24 – RBI’S Inter Department tournaments to find hidden talents…

22:54 – Criteria for sportspersons to make it into RBI Center of Excellence…

25:44 – RBI’s plans on making a lower division teams in Club Cricket…

28:01 – Key takeaways from the sport of cricket…

30:10 – On RBI getting honored with Khel Protsahan Award

33:50 – Reason behind decrease in employment of athletes/sportspersons…

36:56 – Feedback for Cricketgraph


Corporate Cricket Diaries envisages on covering those corporate leaders who have also brought a change in the field of sports or let’s say particularly cricket. Most of the corporate companies have their own corporate sports wing or a cricket team which participates in numerous tournaments throughout the year. There is a whole machinery and management which goes behind running such corporate teams & there is always one motivating force who brings a revolution to the team as well as to the company. Through Corporate Cricket Diaries, Cricketgraph will interview such personalities who have their own interesting stories and journey to share.

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