Hundred Scorers From October 23rd’s Kanga League

October 23rd’s Kanga League games produced quality innings from numerous batsmen but only 6 of them reached the prestigious three figure mark, here are the 6 ton makers:

  1. Prasad Pawar – 111 for Parkophene Cricketers vs Regal – A Division
  2. Ramanpreet Ghoman – 100 * for Karnataka Sporting Club vs New Hind SC – A Division
  3. Jayesh Pokhare – 103 for Shivaji Park Gymkhana vs CCI – A Division
  4. Divyaansh Saxena- 114 for Dadar Union vs United Cricketers – B Division
  5. Roneet Thakur- 100 for New Hindu CC vs Pandurangwadi – C Division 
  6. Adil Shaikh – 124 for Amar CC vs SKP Athletic Club – D Division

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