Godsent “DUTT” finds solace in coaching the deprived : Delhi Coach helps the Underprivileged as well as looks after the indian deaf team

If there ever was an inspirational story, this is the one. Dev Dutt, have you ever heard the name?  No?  Well, here’s a perfect example of how nice men don’t finish last. Coming from nothing, Dev Dutt is now a highly respected coach in Delhi and for a very good reason but it didn’t start out that well. Dutt waives off fees for players who can’t afford it. He also takes care of them, looking after their food, equipment, travelling, etc.  Here,  the Delhi coach tells Cricketgraph how a boy from a struggling household became one of the most successful coaches in India. 

Indian Deaf Cricket Team Coach, Dev Dutt aims for World Cup Glory. |  CricketGraph

After a short career as a player, he was forced to stop playing cricket due to his elder brother’s death. As his sibling’s death ceased the only stream of income for the family, Dutt decided to step up and take responsibility giving up his dream of becoming a cricketer.  He packed up his kitbag for good and started coaching in a nearby academy.  

Gursharan Singh, an ex-Indian Test player helped Dev get a job as a coach in his academy and just this way, his coaching career began at the young age of 19. Dev was vastly helped by Gursharan Singh financially as well. There was one more person who deserves credit for taking care of Dutt, Rajpal Solanki. Solanki has been with Dev for every step in the way. He has helped him during his tough time and even after Dev has become a successful coach, they help each other. When asked, Dev Dutt praised and lauded these two selfless humans. 

After working hard for years and supporting his family, Dev tied the knot in 2012. Just one year later he got his big break and established his own academy in Delhi. Currently he has two academies, Venkateshwar Cricket Academy and Harbeer Cricket Academy. They were an instant hit and were flooded with young budding cricketers. The most interesting thing to know is Dev Dutt doesn’t charge players who are financially unstable. In his words “If you have talent but you are unable to pay the fees, I will take care of everything. I don’t want anyone else to struggle like I did.” 

There have been several players in the domestic circuit representing different states at different levels that have been coached by Dutt. Sagar Dhaiyan, Siddhant Dogra, Shreyansh Mahi and Akshay Singh are a few players under coach Dutt who went on to represent their respective states. India U-19 player Aryan Dalal is a student of Coach Dutt as well. After applying for the position of coach for the Deaf Indian Cricket Team, he was selected as a temporary one. There was a communication barrier but the President of the team helped him with sign language. Other than that, everything was smooth flowing.  After the tour, the team was so impressed that they assigned Dutt as the permanent coach.  As of 2022, the Deaf Indian Cricket Team are preparing for the upcoming Champions Trophy coached by Sir Dev Dutt. The tournament will start in September. 

Apart from coaching the national team, Dev Dutt still wants to take care of every student who joins his academy.  He wants what’s best for the child, leaving his desires aside. 

For his monumental efforts as a coach, Dutt will be presented the Gaurav-E-Hind Award on 10th July, 2022 in Delhi. 

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