Coach Nishant Jani takes Guidance from Gary Kirsten and Morne Morkel to upgrade the standard of Cricket in Morbi

In the last 5 years, Morbi has touched new heights in cricket, from a small unknown district a few years back where word ‘cricket’ was not even associated with it, now Morbi has underwent a major sporting revamp courtesy the cricket revolution brought in by Coach Nishant Jani & his team from Axel Sports Academy.

ICC Level 2 Certified Nishant Jani who is the Head Coach of Morbi District Cricket Association and Assistant Coach of Saurashtra Men’s Senior Team is also the founder and head coach of Axel Sports Academy which is one of the most advanced and biggest cricket academies in Morbi District. In the last few years, many students from Axel Academy have gone on to represent Saurashtra and Gujarat’s age group teams. Even many First Class and International Cricketers come at Axel Sports Academy to practice.

To further improve the standard of Cricket in Morbi, Nishant Jani, the Head Coach of Axel Sports Academy has collaborated with the legendary South African Cricketer Gary Kirsten and South African Pacer Morne Morkel to train on multiple aspects which can contribute on the development of cricket in Morbi. Nishant went through an 8 hour interactive video session with both the International Cricketers. The topics discussed in the interactive session included the advent & the rise of T20’s, Team Culture and Effective Communication.

Coach Nishant Jani with Gary Kirsten
Snap from Coach Nishant Jani’s interaction with Gary Kirsten

Nishant Jani shared with Cricketgraph- “Obviously to discuss about topics like T20’s, communication and team culture from one of the most acclaimed International Cricketers is a different experience. Both Gary and Morne have played a lot of International Cricket, Gary has Captained the African Team, Coached the Indian Team, so obviously there is a lot to learn from him not only as a cricketer but also as a coach on how to handle and manage certain things in cricket”

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