Central Bank’s Resounding Victory: Highlights from Times Cricket Shield Clash

Mumbai: In a thrilling encounter at the Karnataka Sporting Association, Central Bank of India outplayed Income-Tax Sports Club ‘B’ by a staggering 86 runs in the Times Cricket Shield.

Toss and Decision

Winning the toss, Income-Tax Sports Club ‘B’ chose to field first, a decision that was expected to provide them with an early advantage given the conditions. However, it was Central Bank of India’s day as they posted a formidable total.

First Innings – Central Bank of India

The bank’s team displayed an exemplary batting performance, setting the stage on fire with some powerful strokes and tactical gameplay, scoring 211 with loss of 9 wickets.

Sanskar Dehelkar showcased a masterful innings, scoring 88 runs off 121 deliveries. His batting was marked by impeccable timing, displaying a diverse range of shots. His knock was crucial in setting a formidable total for the team. His innings was a blend of patience and aggression, making him the standout performer of the match.

Vikas Kumar delivered a pivotal performance, securing a notable 4-wicket haul for Income Tax Sports Club ‘B’. Kumar’s spell proved decisive in restricting the scoring and dismantling the opposition’s middle order.

First Innings – Income-Tax Sports Club ‘B’

Chasing a challenging target, the Income-Tax Sports Club ‘B’ faced a stern test against a disciplined bowling attack. Saif Khan displayed resilience, crafting 44 runs off 56 deliveries for Income-Tax Sports Club ‘B’. His innings showcased determination and skill against a challenging bowling attack. Khan’s contribution was valuable, but it couldn’t alter the eventual outcome of the match.

Anand Jagtap and Darshan Borkar showcased commendable bowling performances for Central Bank Of India. They both struck crucial blows, dismissing key batsmen. Jagtap and Borkar’s spells were instrumental in creating opportunities for their team to fight back in the match. Income Tax Sports Club ‘B’ was restricted to mere 125 runs in 29 overs.


In the end, Central Bank of India emerged victorious, winning the match comfortably by 86 runs. Their comprehensive performance with both bat and ball ensured that they maintained control throughout the game.


The match showcased the spirit of cricket, with moments of brilliance and intense competition. Central Bank of India’s triumph was a testament to their preparation and execution on the field, while Income-Tax Sports Club ‘B’ will look to regroup and come back stronger in their upcoming fixtures, The tournament promises more excitement and drama as teams battle it out for supremacy on the cricketing field.

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