A Noble World Record by Mukund Gawade, 72 Hours of Non-stop cricket practice!


Mukund Gawade, the boy from Kalachowkie Mumbai is making headlines for his noble cause & he certainly deserves all the appreciation coming his way!

72 hours of non-stop cricket practice at Shivaji Park, that takes a lot of fitness, hard work and dedication & this boy is having it all.

There are people who make millions but have no time for philanthropy and there are people who dedicate whatever comes in their way for social causes. Such is the story of this talented boy called Mukund Gawade.

A Noble World Record by Mukund Gawade
A Noble World Record by Mukund Gawade

Mukund who went to Penan village once saw kids there studying without lights and they would travel 4-5kms walking everyday to get basic education. Mukund decided that day itself that these kids deserve better facilities and so did the idea of this feat came into his noble mind. The two basic dedications which are keeping him steady to break this world record are;

  1. He is a huge fan of Sachin Tendulkar and he wants to dedicate this feat to him.
  2. He wants to build a library at Penan village and provide better facilities along with education to 100 kids of that village.

Mukund started this feat from 4th January and he has been strong like a horse. The Guiness world record allows him to take 5-10minutes of break every 3-5 hours. That is legally allowed. In that time he takes on refreshments and also gets freshened up if needed. Mukund has not slept since last 3 days and that is a huge feat in itself. Mukund is already on his way to create a new Guiness world record which will make all the Mumbaikar’s & the whole nation proud of him.

He is playing day & night to achieve this feat and he has already broken two Guiness world records on his way.

No.1 – He has faced the highest number of deliveries (He faced 13,000 deliveries continuously without quitting)

No.2- He broke a world record of a Pune boy who practiced 50 hours continuously.

(The earlier record holder (Viraj Mare from pune) called him up personally and congratulated Mukund)

 Mukund Gawade who is an ardent fan of Sachin is also a social worker and this seems to be a great cause for sure. He is playing with a tennis ball and pads on to avoid any injuries. It is also known that he started practicing 3-4 months prior to achieve this feat. He kept on practicing at Azad Maidan, Cross maidan and even had a Yoga teacher by his side to mould on his fitness and flexibility.

Mukund used to play for St. George(his college) from Mumbai & also played local club cricket in Pune. While his father has retired, her mom works in a hospital. Mukund who does designing course in pune along with social work and cricket seems to be having a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. As Mukund shared with Cricketgraph- He even does a good job in theatres where he is in the NSS unit from Kirti college.

SASA sports brand along with St.George are majorly sponsoring his feat, his local nagarsevak has also helped him a lot. The head of the Kirti Sanjeevani trust also helped a lot to get him a proper pitch (Bengal club side at Shivaji Park).

 Mukund who has not slept past 3 days is having doctors by his side where he is completing this feat to keep a tab on his health and blood pressure. The public is also gathering to see Mukund achieve this landmark. His friends are coming and bowling to him & even the local kids who come to practice at Shivaji Park are contributing in their capacity (kids coming and bowling to Mukund gawade) Many reporters and politicians have also paid a visit to him so far.

When Cricketgraph asked what urged him to do all this? Mukund simply replied it was the condition of the kids in the village which ignited the fire in him to do something for them & all the money and contributions which he will receive will go towards the betterment and education of the 100 kids in the Penan Village.

Mukund who had aimed to practice for 100 hours non-stop was advised to stop on the grounds of health being at stake. His health was at risk so he stopped at 2am in the Monday night practicing for 72 hours, 29minutes and 29seconds. Though he has broken the earlier world record of Viraj Mare of 50hours but they are yet to intimate Guiness about Viraj’s feat.


Mukund who works with Samanway Sanstha for his social causes (including this project of providing education to 100 kids) must be elated and proud of Mukund’s heroics.

Rajesh Mehta, the CEO of SASA Brand (which is known for cricketing equipments) also supported mukund extremely well. Be it bringing and arranging equipments or things which were quite a help to him. Rajesh Mehta who is a lover of cricket himself motivated mukund & supported this noble cause with full heart.

Cricketgraph truly appreciates Mukund’s efforts and we are sure the whole of India must be proud of what he is doing.

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