A big thanks to Cricketgraph Hosts who gave us great shows during lockdown…

At a time when the world was stuck in a dilemma on what do during this lockdown phase including us! Fortunately! We were blessed with some activities which kept our motivation on even during these 8 months of lockdown. One of those activities which proved to be successful for Cricketgraph and engaging for the viewers were the cricket interviews we conducted.

The cricket interviews with numerous players, coaches and selectors ensured the Cricketgraph family which comprises of more than 1 lakh + active cricketers and professionals related to cricket were not bored during the lockdown phase. Those interviews gave the viewers a world full of insights, information and well as entertainment related to the world of Cricket. The interviews also provided a platform to talented cricketers and coaches whose achievements were highlighted to a global audience.

Now that lockdown has partially been lifted and most of the activities are slowly beginning to streamline, we take this opportunity to thank our Cricketgraph hosts who contributed in the various segments of interviews.

Host Jalal Shaikh:



A Former Cricketer, Cricket Coach, Cricket Observer, Selector and a Cricket Anchor, Jalal Shaikh is a multi talented personality all bundled into one. Jalal Shaikh is a man of wisdom and whatever he says, he expresses it from his heart. It is probably his pure hearted wisdom and honesty which makes his interviews very engaging for cricketers as well as for parents who get to know many things through his interviews. A former professional cricketer himself, Jalal sir has close to 4 decades of experience as a cricketer and now he is the Head Coach at Nerul Gymkhana.

During his playing days, he played top division cricket representing Parsee Gymkhana Worli CC, Star CC, Islam Gymkhana, National CC and Parsee Cyclists CC. Just to add a few feathers to his cap, he has played Times Shield tournament for 36 years. He has also won Best Bowler and Best Batsman awards in Times Shield receiving the Mayor’s award from the first citizen of Bombay.

Jalal sir in his hosting stint anchored the “Candid Chat Show” at Cricketgraph interviewing numerous personalities from the world of cricket. Right from Rohit Sharma’s Coach Dinesh Lad to former Indian Cricketers like Wasim Jaffer, Pravin Amre, Sairaj Bahutule to Ranji Trophy selectors like Shridhar Mandle and Pratik Mehta to name a few, Jalal sir took many interviews which brought about a change and gave the audience insightful information.

The best part of his interview is he asks questions which the “AAM JANTA” wants to hear, he touches the topics which needs attention & redressal and that is what makes him special. Cricketgraph thanks him for his contribution and we are glad to have him being a crucial senior member of the Cricketgraph family.

Click on the link below to check Candid Chat Interviews by host Jalal Shaikh



 Anoop Bindal –

Anoop Bindal Cricketgraph
Anoop Bindal


An engineer by profession but a cricketer by heart, Anoop Bindal in many ways is the Mr. Dependable when it comes to anchoring for Cricketgraph Team. Anoop Bindal serves as the main host and anchor for “Candid Chat Show” & “Corporate Cricket Diaries” which includes interviewing active Domestic and International cricketers. Anoop is an avid cricket lover who also plays corporate cricket for Reliance team.

Anoop also has prior experience of anchoring and he is usually smooth as a silk to get the business going. His interviews are on point, crisp and always engaging for the viewers. As a professional, he is the Deputy General Manager (Lead Pipe Engineer) at Reliance Industries since 2005 and he is closely rooted to the corporate world as well as to the cricketing fraternity.

From India Women Cricketers like Nuzhat Parveen, Preeti Bose and Neha Tanwar, from Sarfaraz Khan to Rahul Tripathy, from Sheldon Jackson to Faiz Fazal, from Aditya Tare to Abhishek Nayar, Anoop at Cricketgraph interviewed domestic stalwarts as well as emerging talents of India.

Checkout some of his interviews:

https://www.youtube.com/results search_query=cricketgraph+anoop+bindal


Bhupen Lalwani –

Bhupen Lalwani
Bhupen Lalwani


A run machine with the bat and one of the raw talents of Mumbai Cricket, Bhupen Lalwani who made his Ranji Trophy Debut for Mumbai last season was the Chief Host for “Cricketgraph Youngistan” interviews. Bhupen has been one of highest run getters in India from last 2 years in BCCI’s CK Nayadu Trophy. Bhupen also played for Mumbai University in all India Tournament while he has also selected in India U16 Camp where he was the highest scorer from West Zone.

The “Cricketgraph Youngistan” series is all about interviewing young and emerging cricketers who could probably be the next big thing or scale good heights in professional cricket in the years to come. Bhupen was bang on with his role as an anchor interviewing some of the raw talents of Mumbai Cricket like Suryansh Shedge (Mumbai U16) who smashed the fastest triple hundred in Giles Shield and youngest to debut in T20 Mumbai, Vedprakash Jaiswal who smashed 4 back to back double hundreds in Giles Shield in 2016-17, Varun Lavande (Mumbai & India U19), Ayush Jethwa-the captain of Mumbai U16 team, Sabir Khan (India U19 & Bihar Ranji Team) , Samarth Vyas (India U23 Team), Anchal Valanju (Mumbai U16,U19, 23), Manali Dakshini (Mumbai Sr. Team), Tushar Kadam (Mumbai U19), Anjdeep Lad (Mumbai U23 & T20 Mumbai) amongst others.

Cricketgraph thanks him for his contribution and we are glad to have Bhupen as a crucial part of the CG family.

Click on the link below to check Cricketgraph Youngistan Interviews:



Cricketgraph thanks Jalal Shaikh, Bhupen Lalwani and Anoop Bindal for their beautiful contribution to cricket which kept the cricketgraph community alive during the lockdown phase as well as in the time to come.


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