5 Teams To Compete In The MCA RC BKC’s Members Premier League 2023

The third edition of the Members Premier League recently announced the teams competing in the exclusive competition. The tournament is set to start from February 13, 2023. This season will witness an action induced performance by the 5 teams on the Somaiya Cricket Ground.

In the MCA RC BKC Tournament 5 teams comprising of veteran cricketers will compete against each other. The teams are as follows: 

Team: Spartans
Owner: Mr. Jeetinder Diwan

This army of cricketers is owned by Mr. Jeetinder Diwan, a banker and an outstanding sportsperson. Mr. Diwan is a skilful batter and lives his life by the rules of cricket. The match dates are as follows: 15th, 17th, 21st, and 23rd February 2023.

Team: Spottlightt Social Scorcherss
Owner: Mr. Deepaq Modgil

The Spottlightt Social digital agency strategizes its best solutions for brands to gain spotlight in today’s digital environment. Mr. Deepaq Modgil applies the same approach to his cricket team, the Spottlightt Social Scorcherss, to plan out best strategies on the field. The match dates are as follows: 14th, 16th, 19th, and 21st February 2023.

Team: Marshalls Royals
Owner: Mr. Karan Sharma

Mr. Karan Sharma, an outstanding performer for the MCA BKC has invested in Marshalls Royals cricket team. Marshalls Royals is a leading name in the Home Decor Space and is India’s largest Wallcoverings company. The match dates are as follows: 13th, 15th, 19th and 22nd February 2023.

Team: Hemant Tools Tornados
Team Owner: Mr. Vivek Zaveri

Team owner Vivek Zaveri is an all-rounder both on and off field. The team is named after Hemant Tools Pvt Ltd which is one of the biggest cutting tool distributor in India allowing provision of variety of tools. The Tornados owner loves cricket. He is a batsman and a spin bowler. The match dates are: 14th, 17th, 19th and 22nd February 2023.

Team: Prachi Diamonds Strikers
Owner: Mr. Priyank Mehta

This team bejewelled with its cricketers is owned by Mr. Priyank Mehta. Prachi Diamonds, a second-generation diamond wholesale company based out of BKC is run by Mr. Mehta. The match dates are as follows: 13th, 16th, 19th, and 23rd February 2023.

This third edition looks forward to an energetic and intense tournament ahead for the sportspersons. Thanks to the organisers of the Members Premier League, Mr. Vijay Singh, Mr. Karan Sharma, Mr. Jitender Divan, Mr. Vatsal Shah, Mr. Arun Madhu, and Bayside Sports, the highly anticipated edition is set to be the most successful one till date!

Follow the tournament on Instagram: https://instagram.com/mcamembersbkc?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

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