Umar Khan’s Purple Patch With The Ball

– Tanaya Wani

In an extreme show of talent, Umar Khan, an exceptional off spinner emerged as the highlight of the game. He got selected for the Mumbai Under-19 Camp due to his remarkable abilities and plays top division subscribing to the status quo.

Umar exhibited his bowling artistry in a recent friendly game of Mumbai Under-19. In 10 overs, he managed to give only 19 runs and got 4 wickets with 3 maiden overs in his pocket, and set the economy of the match at 1.90.

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In another unrelated innings, Umar Khan delivered a performance worth recognition. In just 9.2 overs, he let the batsmen have 9 runs but hunted 4 wickets with 5 maiden overs to his record. Setting up the economy of the game at 0.96, Umar rivalled his opponents and determined the pace of the match.

This young bowler sported his strength and talent throughout the match.

By Tanaya Wani

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