Sporting Union Thrash The Wonderers In Ghosh Trophy

In the Sontosh Kumar Ghosh Trophy Organized by Sporting Union Club and Kalyandas Memorial Sports Foundation AJINKYA NAIK, SURAJ SAMAT, SANJAY NAIK, KALYANDAS MEMORIAL SPORTS FOUNDATION, Sporting Union won by an innings and almost 100 hundred runs against the Mumbai Wonderers in round 1.

The Wonderers were bowled out for just 96 as Arya Gandhi claimed 3 and Shramik Shettgar took 5. The Sporting Union has the upper hand since the beginning of the game. Aayush Makwana scored a sprinty 85 off just 89 balls alongside Vedant Toprani scoring 73 off 88 for the Sporting Union who scored a mammoth 291 in just 60 overs. Although, Jay Bhanushali displayed immense character as he purchased an impressive 7 wickets to his name but in the context of the game, it wasn’t enough. 

Bombay Wonderer’s second innings lasted only 28.3 overs and 106 runs, Neeraj Dhumal (52) scoring almost 50% of the runs. Gandhi claimed 3 wickets which secured a round 2 for the Sporting Union. 

Sporting Union vs Bombay Warriors
Toss: Bombay Wonderers “Bat”
1st innings:Bombay Wonderers 96/10 in 46.1 overs
Arya Gandhi 3/14, Shramik Shettgar 5/16
1st innings of Sporting Union Club 291/10 in 60.4  Penalty 5 runs
Aayush Makwana 85(89), Vedant Toprani 73(88), Naithniel Godfrey 31(34), Jay Bhanushali 7/84
2nd innings of Bombay Wonderers 106/10 in 28.3
Neeraj Dhumal 52(56), Arya Gandhi 3/19
Result: Sporting Union Club won by an innings and 89 runs

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