Raj Waghela and Rishi Shah Star For U-23 National CC Cross Centre 1 As They Seal A First inning Lead Despite Ayaz’s Ton

The clash between U-23 National CC Cross Centre 1 and U-23 Police Gymkhana Centre 1 in the Under-23 Madhav Mantri Cricket Tournament 2022-2023 resulted in a hard-fought draw. U-23 National CC Cross Centre 1 won the toss and elected to bat first, setting the stage for an exciting contest. The match witnessed a display of skill and resilience from both teams, with U-23 National CC Cross Centre 1 ultimately taking the first-innings lead.

U-23 National CC Cross Centre 1 commenced their innings with determination, led by an exceptional knock from Raj Waghela. Waghela’s impressive century of 150 runs formed the backbone of their batting performance. He was well-supported by Ajit Yadav, who contributed a valuable 87 runs to the team’s total. However, Rajesh Sardar and Akash Sharma from U-23 Police Gymkhana Centre 1 put up a spirited bowling effort, claiming three wickets each to restrict U-23 National CC Cross Centre 1 to a score of 349/9 declared in 74.5 overs.

Ayaz Khan

In response, U-23 Police Gymkhana Centre 1 showcased their batting prowess, with Ayaz Khan leading the charge with a brilliant century. Khan’s impressive knock of 101 runs set the tone for their innings, while Siddit Tiwari provided strong support with 74 runs. Kaustubh Tathare also made a notable contribution with 57 runs, and Akash Sharma chipped in with 30 runs. However, the bowling attack of U-23 National CC Cross Centre 1, spearheaded by Rishi Shah’s impressive figures of 5/66, managed to pick up crucial wickets and restrict U-23 Police Gymkhana Centre 1 to a total of 308 runs in 75.5 overs.

With U-23 National CC Cross Centre 1 taking the first-innings lead, the match ended in a draw. Both teams showcased their batting depth and resilience, making it a high-scoring encounter filled with exciting moments.

The U-23 Madhav Mantri Cricket Tournament provides a platform for young cricketers to showcase their talent and gain valuable experience at the under-23 level. The competitive nature of the tournament allows players to test their skills against strong opposition, contributing to their development as they progress in their cricketing journey.

As the tournament progresses, cricket enthusiasts eagerly await the upcoming matches, where more exciting encounters are expected to unfold. The spirit of sportsmanship and the pursuit of excellence remain at the forefront as these young cricketers continue to compete for victory in the U-23 Madhav Mantri Cricket Tournament.

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