Pranav Dhanawade- What happened after scoring 1009 runs?

It’s quite easy when someone is complimenting you and you discuss about that with others. However, it takes guts to accept your mistakes, your own shortcomings and discuss it openly on a public platform. The interview with young Pranav Dhanawade is one such example where he clears quite some airs about himself. Pranav through this interview also passes a good message to young cricketers to take their practice sessions seriously, to not get distracted with one good performance & keep working hard.
This has not turned out to be a regular run of the mill cricket interview. This is also not supposed to be an interview revolving around Pranav’s highly publicized knock of 1009 runs. This interview is basically to know everything what happened after that knock. Why he was not able to make it to the Mumbai Team? Why was he not able to maintain the consistency? The controversies surrounding him, what he did with the MCA scholarship and much more.

0:45 – Taking us through that innings of 1009 runs

2:20 – On dealing with criticism post that innings

3:55 – The clubs and tournaments he started playing post 2016

6:09 – How MCA Scholarship was utilized?

8:08– Reasons of not able to make it into the Mumbai Team….

9:50 – Message to the junior cricketers

10:47 – Some of the reasons behind inconsistency with the bat… 


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