Manali Dakshini- Cricketgraph Youngistan Ep.8

Known to be a team’s player and a tough nut to crack, Manali Dakshini is one cricketer who proudly represents the Mumbai Khadoos Cricket Culture. Manali has represented India “A” team and she currently represents Mumbai Sr. team as an all rounder.

Last season, Manali Dakshini stamped her presence with solid all-round performances in One Days and it was just about time we would interact with her to know more about her journey.

0:39 – About performing in U23 One Day 2019-20 season

5:50 – What it takes to survive in a state level team like Mumbai?

8:35– Unbeaten 60* vs Odisha when Mumbai were struggling at 88/8

11:10 – Things or suggestions to improve Women’s Cricket in India.

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